hello from a new forum user



Hello everyone,
first off a little about me im 39 yrs old and i started out riding on a big wheel when i was 4. by the age of 5 i was on to a foldable bike with training wheels and my green machine ( yay! ) splitting time evenly with each. at age 7 they got me for christmas the best present i probably ever received in my life a honda 50 i rode this for years in our yard till one day i was just too big for it and i moved on.. ive also owned several decent Royce bikes, one some ppl might recall the shockaroo and also a firecat.. ( o yes ive always loved the choppers ).
when i graduated from junior high i recieved a moped for my birthday it was one of them honda 50's and required being registered and insured, helmet etc.. as if it were a motorcycle. i had it for about 1.5 yrs and never had any problems with it and rarely if ever wore the helmet (stupid). one day i knew i was goin past a main road which is something i never did really so i decided to wear the helmet that day which turned to be a good thing because a van passed me at about 55 mph as i tried to turn left and clotheslined me right off of the thing ... i dont remember much after that except waking up in the hospital a week later. i was extremely lucky and i knew it. tho i was wearing the helmet... the chin strap wasnt on tight enough so the helmet shifted and shattered a lot of my teeth on the left side of my face (upper and lower) believe it or not all that time has passed ( age 15-39 and i am down to the last one just about ready to come out soon as i get a chance :D

anyways i have briefly fooled around on bicycles since then but never driven on the roads again with a motor and 2 wheels. its really dangerous out there is what i am seeing even on a bicycle ( 2 accidents in past 2 yrs ) especially here in Florida where ppl do NOT respect the speed limits at all nor do the police bother to even try enforcing the motor vehicle laws except maybe at the end of the month ... in my city alone 7 ppl were killed on bicycles last year not to mention hundreds of ppl being hurt including myself ( $700 for a set of crutches )
so i guess what im saying is im a little more wise and a lot more weary but im headed back out there for sure now.

after reading through the posts on here for several days now ive seen all kinds of cool projects spring to life. thank you all for taking the time to share and keep up the good work.
what brought me here initially was lookin for info on installing an engine on a bike etc.. just seeing whats possible if its worth doing and if i might end up in trouble. then i started noticing posts about one of my favorite bicycles in the recent marketplace the Schwinn Spoiler. ive been searching desperately for solutions and possible ways i might modify it were i lucky enough to get one finally! i was dreaming about it 6 months prior to its release and then when it was released it was way out of my budget so i forgot about it for a couple years now ...

you have all inspired me a lot and from all the different solutions ive seen and concocted in my mind with the help of the web. while im tempted to get one of those new I-Zip EZGO folding bikes and be done with it ( $600 at walmart )
wow $600 for a bike ? i must be crazy lol then thought about those nice bikes from schwinn coming soon ( but $1200-2000 ? ) or even faster the new I-Zip Express ( 24 mph but $1500-2500 ) while nice i have to be realistic i dont have that kind of money ! so back to modifying something myself ..
i think i would be a lot happier with the Spoiler in the end. ive thought about the chinese engines or going electric with it and which kinds of options would be possible.

this is the one i think would work the best for me not because its so easy to install but i really like the pricing and the whole idea of NOT putting a lot of **** onto the bike itself leaving me a lot more room for other creative ventures etc.. and that would be this site i found from another post just curious what you guys think about it and if you think there would be any problem using that 26" rim ( only available size on initial release ) on the spoiler ?


i gotta say i am really excited about this product ! blows that It/Segway fiasco totally away ! this is the kind of product i was expecting from it ..

ps - forgive my butchering of the english language :)



Welcome to MBc! I miss my big wheel with the handle brake that made you skid out and I totally miss my Green Machiene.
We are glad you are here. That powerwheel is a cool bike.


That revo power is sorta ??? maybe so probably no. Unless you have one in you hot little hands be wary if someone tries to sell you the thing. BUt there are lots of options here and some really great people. Glad you found the tribe from the Giant Side of Texas!


if i could get it by march id wait otherwise i guess i will have to choose something else shame really because i like it a lot..

anyways thnx everyone glad to be aboard :)