Hello from a Newbie and Thoughts on this set up for rear Disc Brakes.

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    I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Travis I live north of Dallas. I have been lurking for some time trying to figure out what I wanted to build. I decided on a whizzer. I bought a 2005 Whizzer the other day that I am in the process of redoing. I have torn the engine down and sent the cylinder, head, and clutch to Quenton to be modified. I intend of a custom frame eventually but for now I just want to get it up and going and reliable.
    The rear brakes on my bike were shot. I dont know if this has been done on a whizzer here, i couldn't find a thread on it. My thoughts were to remove the band break and turn the inner housing around and tap it for a disk brake. I will also secure the back side of it with nuts and lock tight on the bolts. I did just that today. I also built a mount for the Disc break caliper. I still have to paint the adapter and add the nuts and lock tight on the disc brake.
    I appreciate all input. I would like thoughts and opinions on this and I wanted to know if it will hold up.


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    MRITRAVIS New Member

    The Brake works great. It out performs the front quite easily.
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    Excellente! I also have a project NE5 and will take your invention into consideration
  4. Fabian

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    That's an excellent invention and adaptation of disk brake components onto a frame that was not designed for disk brakes.

    Seriously, that's a d.am.n excellent idea !!!

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    I appreciate the kind words. It really worked quite well. If anyone needs a copy of the mount I made I can scan in a pdf of it that can be printed out to scale and make the cutting of it quite easy.

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    The mount has been refined a bit to allow for wheel removal without removing the adapter also.
  7. Fabian

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    Please send me a personal message with the PDF, or if you can place it directly into this thread, i'm sure it would be welcomed.