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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Andrew, I'm from the eastern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.

    I am yet to build my first motorised bike, but have been looking in to it for a few months (and taking it seriously for a few weeks).

    My reasons for wanting to build one are due to the abysmal public transport.

    To get from my house to Uni at Mawson Lakes is a distance of ~15km; this trip takes 2 buses and a total of 70 minutes. To get to uni by car, it takes 15-20 minutes. To cycle takes me about 40 minutes, though due to my current fitness levels I am fairly well buggered after this.

    The trip is mostly uphill (for any Adelaideians, Campbelltown - Holden Hill - Ingle Farm - Mawson Lakes), so I am hoping that I can pedal on the flats and use a ZBox to "assist" me up hill.

    I figure that running it in this fashion will lower my chances of being picked up by the police and allow me to build up my fitness over time.

    I estimate (based on calculations) that it would take me 44 weeks (based on my current class schedule) to pay off the engine. This takes in to account fuel and oil costs. The total distance I would expect to cover in that time is ~7,000km and it will save around AU$300 in bus tickets and provide for a much more enjoyable commute.

    My main reasons for joining this forum are to meet new people in my area and across the world who use MBc's and to pick up knowledge and tips to keep it running for as long as possible. I also hope that I will be able to give back to the community at some point in the future.

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    Welcome.. 7,000km, (4,350 miles) Myself I'd at least figure in advance on about 1,500 miles per engine, so you are looking at at least 3 engines. Some won't last that long, some longer. Depends on each individual engine. You know what I mean...what $0.25/hr worker put it together.

    Check out the link in my signature.
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    a couple of this u missed out on ...
    1 type and model bike
    2 motor size

    id suggest a 18 .5 inch framed 26 inch wheel mountain bike ..
    kmart sell 1 a red dunlop i think its a blackburn
    motorwise zbox or eazybike an a 48 cc

    i ride a shaft rocksolid with rse 48 cc hp 2 motor ..

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    Wow, I'm surprised that they only have an expectancy of 1,500 miles, I have read a few people claiming 5,000km (3,100 miles) and still going strong.

    When I think about my current intended use, I suppose 7,000km is quite a large overestimate. Uni is an 18 mile round trip and I expect to only use it for <9 miles, which would mean I would only need 2 in that period, though, I am likely to use it a bit more for non uni related commutation.

    Would the entire engine need replacing or could parts be replaced? eg cylinder, piston.

    Cheap product, cheap labour. I have heard that on some occasions the engine ports aren't properly cleaned upafter machining and it may be worth removing the head and checking the ports before first run.

    I noticed that link in your sig before, when I was lurking. I am not 100% sure what the roller does. Does it just make it easier to disengage the clutch or does it have other benefits too?

    How easy is it to install?

    Hi Brad,

    Currently I have a Malvern Star Hurricane. Unfortunately this is not really an appropriate bicycle, it has curved rear forks and a large oval bottom tube.

    I am planning on getting a second hand one from an opshop or a cheapie from Coles or Kmart.

    As for the engine, I was going to get a ZBox 48cc, it's cheaper then the 66cc and less likely to get me in trouble in the event that I'm pulled over. However, I hear the SA police tend to turn a blind eye to MBc's, as long as you do nothing stupid and stick to 25-30k/h - which is plenty for me.
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    i just looked in kmart they have a bike
    but theres better in goeasyonline.com.au
    remember u need from centre of crank to top of seat tube 18.5 inch min
    ohh an 40 mm down tube , 27 ish mm seat tube .
    motor should take 2 or 3 hrs to fit .
    needed is a 5 mm drill an 13 mm spanner .
    from end of handle bar on right measure 125 mm in an drill 5 mm hole for throttle pimple .
    try lookin at http://www.eziridecycles.com.au for fittin instuctions .
    u may have a prob fittin 44 tooth spocket without a maniac mount ,get it from pirates after u get bike but if u want gears then a sbp shiftkit is a must .
    ohh undo exhaust an trim redrill holes bigger ,,from zbox site.
    ive that many billet an custom parts on motor to tell
    head, clutch ,inlet , ceramic topped piston
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    I think this takes care of your questions...any others?
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    I hope that my rock solid engine lasts a lot more than its 2800 km its done so far .
    The only part ive had to look at /change is to clean the sparkplug .
    At the moment i use valvoline racing oil from big w or kmart or my fav ....
    Supercheap auto its 10 bux a bottle an my fuel can is from Bunnings in the lawnmower section ,,,6 bux
    I know of 3 bikes here in SYD that have done 10000 km so far each ..all only done a plug change or clutch ajustment ..

    ohhh if u get the ZBOX buy sum locktite from Supercheap an add it to every screw or remove em an change em to allen bolts an add locktite .

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    If the rozzers stop you just tell them it's 200 watts, they dont know.
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    Welcome, Macka.
    Don't expect too many kms out of these engines, but they are cheap to replace at about $180AU. If you set it up well, it could last ages, it's the luck of the draw. Mine's done about 600km and is barely run in. Never had a problem. Pay particular attention to solid engine mounting and avoid drilling the frame. Better to buy a clamp style front mount from one of the vendors, in the size to suit your frame. I think that ZBox even sell them. If not, Sick Bike Parts do and I'm pretty sure that Rock Solid Engines there in Adelaide also sell them.
    My engine was from ZBox. Steve has been pretty good with support and spares, so I can recommend him. I also bought my electric bike from him. (ZBike)
    (Pics of both in the album on my profile page.)
    Besides Brad's suggestion, a Malvern Star 'Octane' mountain bike in the large size suits a HT engine well. I got mine for $300, new, from the local shop here in Nowra.
    If you're going to do a fair bit of hill-climbing, you'll probably want a 66cc engine and an optional larger (low-ratio) rear sprocket. If you can afford an extra $300, a shift kit is the way to go. There's another member from Adelaide who lives in the hills and has a shift kit. I fitted one a few months ago, too, and wouldn't go back to a single-speed bike.

    Garp, they aren't that silly. See Wollongong Australia, MB court case
    I'm just waiting to see the result, since it's local. Not looking good. I might have to buy one of the Rock Solid Engines certified 200W engines.
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    What engine are you running....that makes a difference.

    If Rock Solid does as they advertise, I'm pretty sure of two things...Yes they should last longer, but also a greater difference in dollars. Yes you get what you pay for....most of the time.