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    Hi all, I just put together a kit for my wife so she can ride better with me. We have a lot of hills in north AL . The engine is a Honda 35cc friction drive. The bike is a Hermosa , looks like a Schwin. The bike is fun to ride but I have gone through the original tire very fast especially after my son tried it out. I need to go to a kevlar tire but don't know which one. The tire is a 26 by 2.125.

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    Yes, check where Large Filipino said. Also is you tension correct, not to snug? If no one gives you an answer in your intro post. Start a new post in a while after you try a few things, or if you cant find any answers in the search.

    If you search and are unable to find your answers, don't hesitate to post your question. Someone will steer you to a link, or reply to your question. Were here for each other! Enjoy! :grin:}
    Here's a great crash course post "link" to get you started.
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    Welcome to MBc. I would tend to suspect not enough tension. If it was set with too much tension, it shouldn't wear out the tire, just won't go very fast. You don't indicate whether you're riding country dirt roads, or well paved city streets. It makes a difference on what tire you want.
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