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    I am new to motorising bikes but I was the neighborhood bike mechanic growing up and always wanted to figure out how to put a motor on a bike. well i guess dreams do come true even if they are a little late. I am Retired from the US Army and now have a lot of free time on my hands so i thought i would get back to my roots as a young man. i recently purchased my first motor kit an 80cc raw. the bike i had already will not work without modifying the frame. i will be getting a new bike from Walmart on monday to install the kit on. I also stumbled on a another site at Atomic Zombie that deals with building custom choppers and plan on getting some old bikes that are in bad shape and turn them into choppers and possibly motorise them. That is depending on how well my first conversion works out. I have been doing a lot of research into how htese kits are done and how to perfom maintenance and some different modifications that can be mad e to them to get better performance. so far i am learning a lot just by reading the posts that everyone has been nice enough to post. I think with a support group as broad and well knowledged as this if i run into a problem i cant find an answer to someone will be able to help.
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    Not a problem. we got your back. you ask the question and you'll get multiple answers. Caution use the wright post area or the eye in the sky'll see.:grin5:
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    Welcome to the forum and than you for your service.