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    I live in Anchorage and I have been into bicycles for a long time. My first Mountain bike, a Ross Mt. Whitney from 1982 was still in the shed, too pretty to get rid of but not up to today's standards - chromed steel frame, cantalever brakes, rigid front fork. A friend of mine suggested a motor could be adapted to a bicycle. So off I was to Google to see what I could find. I found this web site, a motor from Spooky Tooth and a Jack shaft assembly from Sick bike parts, an expansion chamber, Vbrakes, Seat and shifter pod on Ebay. It took me awhile to get it together but with the help of this web site, and Jim at sick bike parts, she's up and running or at least til it snowed yesterday. Its so fun to see people's faces as I speed by shifting thru the gears. Anyway I wanted thank the people that maintain and contribute to this site. I have found it fun to read and a wealth of information. I would like to post a picture, But I don't know if this is an appropriate spot

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    A hearty welcome to the forum goes out to ya "inside" AK from the lower 48.

    Post your pics in the Picture Gallery. Seems like you already got a step up on a build. I'd like to see that Ross. I had a sweet, Ross Eurotour a few years back that I had to abandon due to a move and I've lamented about it ever since. Would have made a great MB, good solid bikes.
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    Welcome to MBc. Sounds like a nice ride. It's okay to post a pic or 2 in this area. The Gallery is more for doing a spread about your ride (or for recording the build). How do you like the Spooky Tooth engine? I haven't dealt with them, but I get the impression that they're a good crowd. The SBP kit looks to be cool. They brought a couple to the Rally at Ocean Park, but I didn't get around to trying one. I'm hoping a local here who burned his clutch will decide to toss the HT motor. If he does, I'll try to rebuild it and put it, with an SBP kit, on a full suspension bike.
    No termination dust here yet. I just went out and looked. Soon. Too soon.
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    I really like the advantage of shifting. The kit they are supplying is very good It takes a little tinkering to get just right, but thats was half the fun. I have no complaint about the spooky tooth motor other than the normal Chineese complaints. The engine got to me fast and seams to run great.
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    I thought I would add one pic

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    Nice ride.
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    van; send me your add. ive got an unused ht ill send you. mitch
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    wondering about your exaust. you said you got it on e-bay. any mods to make it fit or simply bolt on? quieter than stock? how would i find one on e-bay (search for)?


    ps i feel bad for you guys up there. must only be able to put on 10 miles a year! no wonder your bikes look new!!!hahaha Thought i had it bad in buffalo!