Hello from Albuquerque.



New member, first posting.

Installed a happy funtime 80cc kit (Kings) on a Huffy single speed coaster brake cruiser. Having some issues with the idler/tensioner, but thanks to search function, see that my ideas on the solution are (A) not new and (B) will probably work.

Meantime I've ruined the rear wheel due to the chinese tensioner rotating around the round chainstay and ending up in the spokes, so I'm out of commission until I come up with a replacement plan.

I'm an electrical engineer by trade, and motorhead by avocation.If it is non-mainstream and rolls or flies, I'm interested. The motored bike is one of the few directions I could go to extend the wierd factor of riding my russian sidecar outfit.

My IRL name is Kevin. I post under Kevbo on a number of forums, so always use that when it is available so folks know it is me.


Welcome to the group. I was just in Albuquerque for the first time last week, it looks like it would be an awesome place to ride. Hope you get your bike working soon.


Welcome to the group form the Grand Side of Texas. Hope you get your ride back up. Still a couple of months good riding weather.


nice intro...i also have some nice memories of new mexico, i'd love to motor thru again someday the right way :)

basic steel wheels can be had fairly cheaply (REAR 26X2.125 CB/105G, $37 shipped)...search for "wheel master" brand, both 14g and 12g sets are readily available...

welcome to the MBc :cool: