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    Hello everyone. I'm a newbie here and also to motorized bikes. I'm researching the Golden Eagle motor for my Rans Stratus. I've been reading on this site and I'm finding so many things that are helping. This forus is awesome. I'm so excited and can hardly wait to get it.

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    hi nute; welcome. my opinion only. the gebe belt system is bulleproof. make sure the belt is dead on center of drive gear and the ring.
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    Thanks stude13. I'll definitely keep that in mind. I've contacted the GEBE company and have put myself on the list of being notified when they start taking orders again.
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    hey dnute, I have had my gebe since may and have not had a single problem with it. The only two things I ran into is you will want the longer axel, and I broke a couple of spokes when I was riding a wash board road with pot holes at 26mph. I do not slow down for much. I have built two different styles and the gebe far out performs the chinese motor. No vibration and better all around quality

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    I was looking at the wheels they sell on the GEBE site with the 36 spokes. I certainly think the wheel I have isn't right. I'll also be sure to get the longer axel. Thanks.

    I had been wondering about the vibration reading here. I had been thinking of trying to find someone that has a one in the area that I live to actually get to see a GEBE up close. I also would like to find out how loud they are. Weed wacker loud? Lawn mower loud? Does it shake the bike so much that I will get sore hands or something? I just wish they would start taking orders again.
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    I actually found replacement rims at a garage sale that were heavier than mine, ever since I have had no trouble and I ride a pretty rough dirt rode every day. As far as noise level goes, it is actually pretty quiet. I have the 2 stroke 32cc tanaka. While on the bike you really do not notice the noice at all since the motor is behind you. But honestly it is just like a small weed eater. I have asked all my neighbors if it bothers them, and they all say that can not even hear it. I have been by a handful of police officers in Thornton and not one of them has said a word. As far as vibration, there is none. The other chinese motor I had would vibrate the whole bike. Believe me you will not be disappointed once you get yours. I ride every bit of 36 miles a day round trip, and have never had a hic-up one with this set up. I actually bought it for my wife, but I liked it so much I kept it to go to work on. We do haul a trailer and two kids (7&3) behind it, and can still maintain 24mph with some light pedaling. I hope this helps.
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    Yours sounds pretty good. I'm getting one to go cycle touring with my husband. He doesn't need a motor but I can't keep up with him anymore. I guess I should be able to haul the Yakima trailer behind me with a GEBE than. Sounds great!!

    I'm going to be on a Rans Stratus so the motor is going to be almost behind my head on the back wheel. I'm hoping it doesn't prove to be really loud to me that way. The motor will be where I would carry the panniers for touring so I've got a trailer to pull for my gear.

    Looking at garage sales is a good idea. I'll have a look for some as well. I'm looking to get a 4 stroke so I won't have to mix the gas and oil. Has your wife tried it?
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    We actually fight over it. My wife loves it. I am actually looking to build another Gebe so we both can have one. I can not say enough about this bike. I can promise you will have to wait for your husband to catch up now. I can easily cruise at 24-27 mph with out pedaling on flat ground. Depending on the hill I can pull 17 - 21mph. I just had my third back surgery this year so I am down for now, but if it wasn't for this motor there whould be no way I could ride. Now if anyone tells you that you will not get excercise is crazy. In the first two weeks I had the motor I lost ten pounds. I have not figured out how to add pics to this site yet, but if you want I can send some pics to your email. From what I hear the four stroke is also a very good choice. You can't go wrong with a Gebe. With your set up you may want some small ear plugs since the motor will be close to your head. I think I read you can also change the exhaust and put a silencer on it, if it becomes a noise factor.

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    I'll look into something for the exhaust. I'm scouring the forum here to see if anyone has done it and shown what they've done. Do you have your motor on a recumbent? I wouldn't mind some pics. I've gone through the picture gallery on the GEBE site and found a couple on recumbents. I'm about to go through the picture gallery on here, too.

    Third back surgery. Ouch!! Well, I'm glad that you're doing well, and able to get back to riding.