Hello from Austin (motored bike coming soon)

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    Hi MBers,
    Just thought I'd sign in and say hello. I am thinking about motorizing my Trek 930. I pedal to work most days (about 2 miles) and use a motorcycle for longer errands. I have a newborn son and need to downsize and save some money. Plus I'm sick of paying for motorcycle insurance and registration taxes, which in Texas cost almost the same as a car. I figure motorizing this bike will extend my range enough to use it for all the errands I currently use a motorcycle for. I have read that in Austin there is little chance of being hassled, as long as you ride safely and with courtesy.

    My homework is pretty much done, studying the various ways to motorize.. the HT kits, the 50cc Honda and Huasheng motors, GEBE kits, whizzers, electric hub motors, friction drives, 2 vs. 4 stroke, etc. and decided I will probably go with a rack mount 35cc Subaru motor and Staton gearbox and hub. I like the how Staton makes those dual-drive hubs that let the sprockets freewheel, so you can coast without the extra sprockets/chains/transmission or whatever dragging you down. Since I'll be changing hubs, I think I'll upgrade to a tougher back wheel with 36 12-guage spokes.

    Then depending on how uncomfortable and dangerous the bike seems, I'll probably upgrade a few other things, like replace the Bell seat cover with a cloud-9 gel seat. And trade the handlebars & upturned bark busters with 4~5inch rise handlebars. Then maybe upgrade the front forks with roxshocks, or at least something that can hold a disc brake. Or I may just weld a bracket onto the existing fork and install a good Avid brake. It should eventually be a sweet ride.

    I'll pick the name "shiftless" not just because I'm forgot-my-keys shiftless, but also because I am not out for maximum performance, so I can avoid the complexity and expense of a shift kit or CVT. I figure an 18.75 reduction and 12/16 sprocket combo should be good to cruise around inconspicuously at 18-20 mph. And if that turns out wrong, it will be easy to change the sprocket at the gearbox.

    So, step 1: get some money. :rolleyes7: I can order the engine/gearbox/wheel early next month, especially if the motorcycle sells.

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  2. professor

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    Welcome to Motoredbikes!
    My 2 cents- a cloud 9 seat, suspension seat post and sus front fork will transform your bike. I prefer an upright riding position, so I went with a riser set of bars like you intend.
  3. shiftless

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    Thanks Professor, I might just bump up the priority of the front suspension/brake setup. We'll see how much of a beating I take from the increased speed. The front wheel will have to go sooner or later, because the rim's seam is coming apart.. might as well get a new front hub with some sort of disc carrier (more homework to do on brakes) :thinking:
  4. Dave C

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    Hey there :) One of the good things for you here is there are a lot of Texans I've noticed. Maybe it's all that flat land ;)
  5. shiftless

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    Yes but I'm in part of the hill country, heh heh. :jester: We have a little of everything. It is a little hilly around here, but not too bad. I am still debating on whether to go with an overall reduction of 25:1 or 27.3:1 for the subaru. It seems almost impossible to pick a gear that will be best for average riding conditions, I bet I will have to try at least two.
  6. PatrickW

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    Hi there, Shiftless, and welcome to the Forums at MBc. I think you made a wise choice to go with the Robin/Subaru EH035 and Dave Staton gearbox w/chain drive. As they say, it is 'bullet proof.'

    Personally, I have an 18.75:1 Staton gearbox between the centrifugal clutch on the R/S engine, to a 14 tooth takoff gear on the box, and chain to the 16 tooth freewheel on the axle shaft using 24" mag/composite wheels and tires. This is currently giving me a Max. 42+/-mph speed thru a flat 1/4 mile run with the 25 lb motor/gearbox, 72 lb. trike, 210 lb (stupid) rider, and a full tank of gas (clocked on police radar.) I also have an 18 tooth takeoff gear for the gearbox, but I have some trepidation to putting it on. (It will install/adjust in just under 10 minutes flat, and probably kill me in less.)

    Good Luck to ya, and talk to Dave Staton on the phone, he will spend as much time as you want getting things like gearing, and chaining down flat. Good guy, that Dave!
  7. PatrickW

    PatrickW Staff Member

    p.s. be sure to send us prog notes and pics as your build progresses. Even tho you are quite a bit from the Gulf and salt water, be sure to ask Dave for Stainless bolts and nylock nuts...you will be forever thankful.
  8. shiftless

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    Thank you Patrick. Your gearing, considering the 14/16 sprockets and 24in wheels, is a slight bit taller than I plan to run, but it is good to know the 35cc Subaru can pull it.. 42mph on a trike(!) I am excited to try this engine on my bike, to say the least.

    At the last minute I noticed they have an upgrade option for the 16.07:1 gearbox, so I got that and backed off to 11 teeth on the takeoff sprocket. Overall gearing is now 23.4:1.

    When I bought the kit I tried calling, but they were not in. I did specify stainless hardware and nylock nuts in the order comments.

    When the kit comes in, I'll document the install here. Thanks everyone for the input!
  9. shiftless

    shiftless New Member

    Ohhhh yeah! I got my kit. :party:

    Build thread to follow, I guess I will start it in the "rack mount" section. I need to study some pics of other's Staton builds to see how it all fits together.. should be pretty easy. I also bought a heavy duty rear wheel. This is going to be a very good ride once it's all together.

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  10. PatrickW

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    Shiftless...I might add to what I have already posted: The 'take off sprocket" on the Staton gear box is a cinch to change...especially if you have a pair of flat lock spring removal pliers. I invested in a pair when I was about 15 yrs old, and have blessed them many times. Even a pair of Snap-Ons are not expensive and I don't really want to go back to doing without them. From there, if you don't have a gear puller, use a pair of small, flat, pry bars (Stanley makes a small 6" one for a few bucks, or you could use a large screwdriver and a drum brake adjuster on each side and work the gear til it pops...it doesn't take much force.)

    Altho my gearing may seem a bit tall for most folks, remember that I live in SW Florida, where most of the 2 thirds of the peninsula & middle area doesn't have a hill in sight...except a few man-made ones that are more like elongated, low, bumps.

    BTW, your kit looks good, and complete. Good luck...if you need any guidance, just holler I or someone else will be close by.
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  11. shiftless

    shiftless New Member

    Thanks Patrick, it looks like Staton installed the 11-toother for me, so I will start with that. If it is too tall a gear (w/16.07 gearbox) I have a gear puller and snap-ring pliers to get the original one off.

    I started a thread in the rack mount section to document the install, and have gotten some help already.. this seems like a really good forum. :yes:
  12. PatrickW

    PatrickW Staff Member

    Staton 'Quirk'

    I've noticed that is a little 'quirk' of Dave's. It seems that no matter what you order, He will send you whatever he feels is best to balance your system...and, it is funny how many times he is right. But, if you feel the urge, go ahead and re-order what you think is going to work better for your particular application. He will send it to you with a smile and a prayer. <grin> Good luck, and see you on the Rack Mount Forum.