Hello from Austin, TX

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  1. flysoon

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    Assembled this bike last fall. Having been using it for commuting to school ever since. Glad to find this forum.


    Have seen about 2 similar bikes in Austin since. All ridden by UT students~


    How do you guys operate the bike facing the red lights? Do you just squeeze the clutch lever or turn off the engine at the same time? I have always turned off the engine, as I feel the engine noise is too much to endure with when the clutch lever is squeezed. How do you guys solve the red light waiting problem?
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  2. Happy Valley

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    Hello and welcome to MBc. Looking pretty good there, you're up and running!
    Many probably hold the clutch but your way of shutting it down is good too, keeps the noise and commotion to a minimum, you're just another bike. :D
    Ride safe and responsibly.
  3. bamabikeguy

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    Just got back from a wedding there, we shut down 6th Ave. Thurs night. Reminded me of New Orleans....

    The family of the bride owns the Summermoon Coffee Bar‎
    3115 S 1st St # 1B, Austin, TX‎ - (512) 804-1665‎

    Her father and I were trying to design a bike system that could drive a blower in the coffee facility he's building in the Amazon, to air cool the beans at the source (*no energy available), instead of bringing the beans to Texas and then fire drying them with mesquite.
  4. Walt1976

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    Hello from Corpus Christi, Texas

    I'm new to the site, and just wanted to say hello to fellow Texan
  5. rdbent79

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    hey guys

    nice to find some more austinites

    was wonderin if you guys knew of any shops in austin that will work on two stroke engines

    cant seem to find one