Hello from Austin, TX.

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  1. Popdog

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    Hello from Austin, TX. I just received a ThatsDax F50 a few days ago and I am planning to install it on a Moon Dog that I picked up at the Salvation Army Store.
    Currently I am in the process of sorting out how to mount the engine to the oversize tube. The engine arrived with slight damage but not bad enough that I cannot live with it.


  2. Timbone

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    Go to an auto store and use a muffler mounting bracket (the correct size for your oversized down tube and lock it down to a very thick piece of metal ( 8 gauge up to 1/4" plate) and tie the two motor mount studs into that plate. Your motor will be rock solid and this will make everything better!

    It all starts with rock solid motor mounts.
  3. Popdog

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    Thanks for the advice bought a muffler clamp today and it fits perfectly.