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  1. javelina1

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    Hello Group,

    just joined up. Looking to learn a bit more about motoredbikes. I'm an avid mountain biker, have both a hard tail and full suspension bikes that I love to ride. I have an old Trek 820 that I was thinking of installing a Grubee Gen II. Since I live in AZ, the 48cc sounds like a champ, (and no hassles). I have a full set of bike tools, and a tune up stand. So I regularly work on bikes. (tuneups, head set installs, forks, drive trains, cable pulls, you name it). I find tinkering on bikes a bit of good therapy.

    I'm looking forward to building up my first motored bike. Just researching for the next few days, and then will pull the trigger on the motor. I'm sure there are mods & gotchas that I'll pick up along the way.

    any rate, looking forward to chatting.

    Happy Times & a China Girl, sounds like a combo.... :grin5:


  2. azbill

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    welcome from FH
    what part of AZ???
    (always looking for a riding partner :))
  3. javelina1

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    hey there neighbor. I'm over in Gilbert. I lived in FH, years ago when we first moved to AZ. I'm sure we'll cross paths soon. :grin5:
  4. Happy Valley

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    Hello and welcome to MBc.
    Long time cyclist here also, the hills just seem to be getting steeper somehow as I get older, lol. Always did my own bike maintenance and I can relate to your comment on it being therapeutic. There is clarity in the sweet functionality of a well tuned bicycle. A decent set of bike tools is a real advantage and should hold you in good stead, not too much else needed really.
    Good luck on your project, a ton of good info herein.
  5. javelina1

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    thanks for the welcome. looking forward to learning lots! :D
  6. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. I still do some mountain biking but it's much easier to take the roadie out in the summer heat.
  7. javelina1

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    we're on the same page bro! :D Man its hot.