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    Hello all, I am new to the whole motorized bicycle thing and am finding the task to be a bit daunting. I would like to build a kit that would work for as little as possible. (arent we all)

    I have a 2007 GT Avalanch 3.0 that is the target for this project and Id just like to find something cheaper than 4.00 for bus fare every day for a 20 mile round trip to and from work.

    There are a couple hills here but they could be bypassed for the most part with little delay.

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    Hi, Mobius
    Welcome from a fellow Oregonian!
    I built a friction drive MB for $5. You can read about it and see video of it at my personal blog:


    Also, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts, if any, about the laws relating to MB in Oregon. I've done some work on that issue myself.
    You may also find my posts about my recumbent MB interesting if you're commuting a lot. The recumbent is much more comfortable.
    Today, I took a 16 mile ride on the recumbent and got 256 mpg.

    Have fun!
    Steve G
    Grants Pass, Oregon
  3. Hey, guess where I am now? Beaverton! Commuting into the city? I'm still contemplating which system to use, but I have an old recumbent...
  4. seabillco

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    Howdy, imperfectionist!
    I love my recumbent now that it has a motor! It's so comfortable.
    That might be a worthy project for you!

    Good luck!
    Steve G
    Grants Pass, Oregon
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    Honestly Im quite frustrated with the MB laws in oregon. Im trying to figure out an economical way to get to and from work (have a suspended DL) and according to info I have found I cant operate either a moped or motor assisted scooter.

    other than that Im trying to get this set up for as inexpensive as possible
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