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    Hello, I'm Tony from Illinois. I'm new to motorized bicycles. I had a Honda Shadow 1100 which I got rid of when I had my first child (wife's suggestion).
    I recently got the itch to ride again and figured putting a motor on my bike might scratch it. Bought a Kit from Pirate Cycles and while they shipped very quickly, they have not returned any emails and their phone is broken so thank god for the information on this forum which helped me install the thing and ride it for a half hour before the chain shredded which is another story. I think it wasn't aligned properly combined with a cheap chain that destroyed every other link in the thing. It was pretty great for the first 20 minutes though. I'm looking forward to reading more in this forum to figure out how to tune and improve on this basic $175 kit I bought. On another note, I have two broken 2 cycle weed wackers which I think I can troubleshoot now after reading about these kits for a couple days. Thank You to all the contributors on this forum, you've helped me a lot.:bowdown:

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    Welcome to the forum!

    You might have better luck with #41 chain, available at a tractor supply or Ace Hardware. It's more forgiving and easier to find than the kit 415.