Hello from BFE, Maine!

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  1. Taiden

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    Why hello Motored Bikes forum members!

    I checked out a Honda Ruckus 50cc the other day; it was a blast! It would do 40mph on a flat with me (6'4" 175 lbs) and about 25 uphill. I have never had so much fun on two wheels. (Not that I have much experience with 2 wheeled vehicles.)

    I have a few extra bikes laying around, and i had always thought about doing the electric conversion, but with the gas mileage people seem to be getting I just dont see the point! I want something I can tour with if I feel adventurous enough. :grin:

    I'm going to be trying to figure out what sort of kit I can piece together. I want something reasonably quiet. Road legal doesn't matter to me; none of the cops around here know how to verify the size of your engine! :evil:

    Perhaps a 80cc+ 4 stroke? Who knows. If any of you have tips I am all ears.

  2. eastwoodo4

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    hello and welcome to the site.no real tips here but i like the rack mounts because i think there quieter and less noticable.less likely to have any harrasment in my opinion.staton inc.com has some nice stuff.i use a friction drive for simplicity.thats it for now and once again welcome to the site.
  3. Happy Valley

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    Welcome downeaster and BTW, what's BFE stand for ?

    The best tip I can give is do as much reading as you can, including the legal issues, before you spend much money.
  4. Taiden

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    MBc edit: bum fart egypt lol; aka middle of nowhere. :) (Farmington)

    Does anyone commute in the winter on their motorized bicycle? I know there are some nice studded tires out there for winter bike commuters; but the torque of the motor and the fact that they dont like to start in cold situations makes me wonder...


    Also; I'll check that site out! See if there is anything that I might like.
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    Sorry to have to edit a little, but welcome to MBc nonetheless! Good luck on all your endeavors and happy motoring!
  6. Taiden

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    Hey, no problem! Now I know. :)