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  1. HseLoMein

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    Hello Everyone,
    I recently built a mb with the famous HT 80cc engine. I am still breaking it in it is running great so far. My freind has a beach cruiser and he introduced me to the lovely sport of motorbiking. So far it is only me and him in boston with one. If there are any others in the MetroBoston area, give a shout.

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  2. Happy Valley

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    Welcome to the forum. I'm not from Beantown but the state next door, Western Mass. :lol:

    Ride responsibly and keep eye out for the staties.
  3. HseLoMein

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    How bad are the staties i have to pass the barracks on my way home from work? :/ Yes western Ma is another state, i went to school in westfield. :)
  4. terrence

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    Hello and welcome to MB.c
    Im sure there's others in your area and probably dont know of MB.c
    I run into people here and there riding a MB and flag them down. I tell them about
    this group. Many dont care, some dont have access to the web. Their loss.
    Anyway....enjoy the ride and im glad your here.