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    Hey Fellow Motor Bike Lovers!

    Brand new to the motorized bicycle game. Was helping my aunt with some things around the house and she gave me her less than 1/2 a tank burnt brand new "happy bike" (not sure if thats what you call it) Chinese motor on a huffy beach cruiser frame. She gave it to me because she thought she would use it an realized she didnt like getting it started and the maintenance that goes along with it. Score for Me!!!

    So I am left with a brand new bike yay!! So I started by making sure everything was kosher before I took it for a spin tightened every bolt greases everything up mixed up the right mixture etc..and man is this thing is fun man never rode one before. Is it not good to use synthetic oil during the break in period? I will just be going onto my second tank after work today so halfway through the break in period I assume.

    I think I figured out why My aunt was having problems with it and I have not fixed it yet just using a band-aid right now.... My gas line is getting to much air in it and will only run through what is in the filter and lines and then I have to open up the gas tank to get the gas to flow into the carb. Very anooying but Im going to trouble shoot it later tonight, any suggestion please shout them out.

    Well I just wanted to introduce myself as I will be referring to this forum quite a bit. Any other People from Boston?

    Quick question I have been pondering I do not plan On registering this thing. My state requires anything above 40cc to be registered my question is how will they now how many cc it is cant I just tell them its under 40CC? Which it might very well be I am unsure as the only markings on motor A Chinese Characters

    Oh yeah I go by BostonReefer not cause of weed Another one of my hobbies is reef keeping (salt water fish and Corals)

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    There should not be any air in the fuel line except if you have one of those little filters in the line that trap some air in their upper part.
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    Welcome to the forum. I live on the south shore , and drive through Boston for work in Everett. There a few Mass people on here. Registering in Ma is totally doable with your kit.
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    I'm near Worcester [ MA ] AS far as registering, you can register it as a moped . Use your bicycle frame number as a Serial Number, you may have to add a few zeros to the beginning to make it 11 digits long. Make = Brand of Bicycle Model = 48cc Grubee Skyhawk. You'll have to sign a form, stating the motor is under 50cc, and the bike can't do over 30 MPH