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    Hi I am Travis from North Vancouver. I have recently made a few of the motor bikes.(Motors purchased from Zoombicylces)
    I have 2 bikes in possesion and one is a mountain bike with a motor and the other is a Stingray chopper. Both containg 80cc motors (67-69cc)
    In North Vancouver there are many hills and I was wondering if I should purchase the 36T rear sprocket for the 20" back. ( by reading some threads I came to conclusion that having the 36 T would make it allot slower for going up hill..)correct me if I am wrong. Would it be different on a 26" mountain bike?
    I also was wondering when purchasing a cheap 18mm carb from ebay,
    What kind of air filter do I have to purchase with it?
    Would the carb fit on the 2 stroke chinese engines?

    Please help.

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    Also this is very weird. I had a broken spark plug so as a tempoary spark plug, I used a lawn mower spark plug. Which is shorter than the stock spark plug. It waas probably going from 55-60km. It was really surprising. After 12 hours, the motor only ran for 30km/hour. Any explanations?
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    be careful please -- changing plugs

    in some cases just putting in any plug may not be the thing to do

    some may run much HOTTER than orig plug

    in rare cases may burn hole in piston ??

    look here on this site for replacement plugs used...

    we don't want a hole in our piston when we -- RIDE THAT THING