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    Hi! I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Im a teenager of 15 years old.
    Some friends and I want to make a motoredbike, but we have some doubts. We are planning to buy a weedeater and adapt the motor to make a motoredbike, but we dont know if this will work. We need some help of a expert.
    Here is a photo of the weedeater
    Someone can please send me some instruction of what do I have to do?
    Also, the clutch of the motoredbike will be the clutch of the weedeater? and how we are supposed to stop?With the brakes of the bikes? Finally, I have to buy a fuel tank?
    Thanks a lot
    PD: my mail is aca.franco@hotmail.com

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    recepcion! yo nunca intentada instalando un motor del weedeater, a una bicicleta. ES lo mas ciertamente posible. pero hace que va a ser un poco mas trabajo que usando un motorkit. buena suerte.

    (i'm just stereotypically assuming you speak spanish, purely based on geographical location)
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    Hi! welcome to the site! a weedeater is a good motor for a bike, lots of people have done it before. Another teenager from Australia recently built one click here to have a look: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=11478
    Also have a look in the rack mount engine section, there you should get some good ideas for your build.
    Look forward to hearing your progress!

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