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    Hello, obviously im new to this site and would appreciate some tips. I recently bought an 80cc motor kit off ebay to install on my bike. I have a mountain bike to install it on but the motor is too big to to fit in the middle of the frame. I could install it above my rear tire but in both ways im going to have to remove my back disc brake for the sprocket. I was thinking of just buying a cheap beach cruiser off ebay and using that. I'm just wondering if it would be worth the hassle to use the mounbtain bike or just buy a beach cruiser. My final question is that ive heard beach cruisers are easier to install engines on. Is this true? any advice would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for all the questions im new and am just looking for help.

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    In my experience, this is what I have found, and please, if anyone disagrees, say so.

    Since I was 14 I've ridden nothing but thrift shop bikes. Run it into the ground, put it in the garage for parts and spend 20 bucks on a new one.

    Since getting into the motorized stuff and doing several installs, I've found this out.

    When you put a 66cc motor between your legs, a Huffy is gonna be going just as fast as a Giant - but someone saved 600 bucks by going to their local thrift shop. Also, no shipping, see it in person, etc.

    Now, with the beach cruisers, you have to use the universal motor mount to get around the fat frame, or you're drilling through the frame to mount. Personally, another perk I found from the thrift shop mountain bikes is that the motor kits fit the frame like a glove more often than not.

    I have yet to do this, but I've heard it's great, and that's installing the sprocket to the disc brake plate, NOT the spokes. Check it out, see what you can find out about it. Wheel degradation is more common than it should be.

    I'm curious how it's too big for the frame, is it a women's bike or is it fullride/fullsuspension? As well, I haven't seen anyone take a HT motor and put it as a rear mount, I'm sure it could be done if you can fab up jigs and mounts and such.

    So, that's just my two cents as far as that's concerned.

    Hey - Welcome to MBc!
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    Thanks for that ill will definately keep it in mind. The bike is a men's bike and the motor does fit by itself barely but with the carburetor it does not seem to fit. The bike is a black raleigh mojave 8.0 ,is about 5 years old, and it is a hardtail. Other tips will be welcome thanks.
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    Without knowing the length and pitch of the frame it's tough to say. I always assume, but I gotta ask, 24 inch or 26 inch wheels? If it's 26 the following should get you going. 24.... well, I've never done one, so I'm not much assistance there!

    There's been a couple mid sized frames I've done in which the air intake case had to be put on after the motor was mounted, without seeing it I can't say one way or another, but I know that's helped me before. Those were so tight the intake cover was tightly pressed up against the vertical post, but I do remember putting that case on after the motor was in.

    That might be able to get you going, I hope so.

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    The kits bolt wright up to a 26 inch MURRY with no front special large tube motor mount.
    I find MURRYs on craigs list all the time for 60$
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    Thanks for all the replys its great to have other people with experience. The bike does have 26" wheels and I did look up murrays on craigslist and there was only one adult bike but it was pricy. It might be the area too i live in san diego. Thanks for all the links they have helped too. Thanks
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    I have had great luck finding good bikes at the Salvation Army and Good Will stores.
    The average price is $30.00. Looks in the Sunday Classifieds too. Garage sales ect. are also good if you want to take things that far.
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    A shame that garage sale season is so far away... *sniff*.

    At the very last yard sale I went to last season I met a guy who was investigating how to do convert over a vintage trike.

    Even if you don't find anything cool, most often it's a cool way to talk to people about motorized bikes.
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    In this economy, I see signs for garage sales all the time. Estate sales too.
    Maby it's because I live in the outskirts of the 'burbs.
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    Up here in Idaho it's just too cold once October hits, so I'd call it a temperature thing as opposed to a neighborhood thing. I've never gotten around to very many estate sales, always fun times though!