Hello From California's SIERRA NEVADA MOUNTAINS. Newbee using a spare Honda GX35...

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    Hi all,
    I'm writing from a small town up in the California mountains. Never built a motorbike before, so no experience there. However, I have grown up with all types of fun toys. Dirt bikes, motorcycles, choppers, bicycles, snow-mobiles, go-carts, ATV's... So I have experience working around all these, and have most of the necessary tools. Ever since I sustained a work-related back/neck injury, I have wanted to build a motored bicycle. Before the injury I used to ride my bikes a lot. Down-hill and cross-country were my favorite, but now I'm not able to ride like that, without being in pain for days.

    I have had this extra Honda GX35 off a weed-eater (that the shaft was driven over). Runs great. I ended up buying another new Honda. So now what? My dream would be to mount this to a full-suspension mountain bike (helps with the pain), and have the ability to either shift using a rear de-railer or one of those CVT transmissions; being I live in a hilly area.

    As for the bike, I have a 2006 Kona Kikapu currently siting in storage. It would need some mods just for me to ride it as-is without adding to my pain. Bars are too low, and too long of a reach (bike is labeled XL). I'm not sure if this is a good candidate, or I should look for something different?

    So this brings me to you all. I have been reading many threads already and really respect your knowledge and experience. And, as you may have already noticed I need help with MB terminology. If there is a link someone could direct me to, that would be much appreciated. So I'm sure I'll be searching the forum and asking questions.

    My bike is very similar to this one:

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    Welcome to the forum. I got to spend some time in Bridgeport, CA back when I was in the USMC. We did altitude training there. We have a CVT subforum on this site. Some members have used CVTs from a pocket rocket. The CVT requires 1 HP or so just to operate it so don't go too small on the engine.
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    Haha, I was just driving by that training base a few weeks ago. They were flying 3 choppers over the Highway heading to the meadow. We were heading to the hot springs there in Bridgeport. Love the high country...