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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jumpa, Oct 21, 2011.

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  1. Jumpa

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    Hello Ladies & Gents .
    My name is Rick I' 44 years old, born in Plymouth Ma living on Cape Cod at present.
    I have a 2011 beach cruiser with 66 CC no name brand motor I got off of "Blow by you" Thanks to all who made this wonderful sire / wealth of information :likelots:
    Rich McCallum

  2. Jumpa

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    Hello Ladies & Gents I'm Rick from Cape Cod I own 2011 Beach Cruiser I built " My first" With a 66 / 80 cc 2 Stroke from Blow by you . Im not even sure who makes it how do I find out I didn't get any stickers or anything with mine. In fact they packed it so quick they didn't even send me a shut off valve. That kinda bummed me out when I figured that out. So When I did get one from them it had no upper screen in it . So I stuck in a better "See through" filter and that seemed to do the job . For the longest time my top speed was 29.7 mph until today I was looking @ the slant head on my engine popped it off swapped it 180° cant believe the difference & I have no idea why but top speed is now 34.2 mph and it sounds sooo much quieter for some reason . No idea what I did , there had to be something else that got untweaked or tweaked. Because I dont think swapping a head 180° is gonna gain everyone 6 mph on top end not to mention the low end torque is soooo much better . Next issue FIX BRAKES Must upgrade stopping power . The only other issue "for now" I'm having now is a high idle . Not that I like to idle my AIR COOLED motor very long
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