Hello from Carthage Missouri

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  1. Hey all just like to say hello , and say great site i just found it. I ordered a 80 cc engine kit off ebay but still hasnt come in ,and just got my next comfort cruiser bike from walmart online today. Im almost done building the 23 tbucket and need a cheaper hobbie lol..Seen the motorized bikes on youtube and love the 2 stroke sound and knew i had to have one. Man for under 300 bucks you cant beat this for a fun hobbie. Ill post pics as i go along,hopefully after reading the faq forums i will have no problems putting together bike . Thanks and happy motoring, Eric

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    KC area here

    What bike did you get from Walmart? Next spring I'm going to put a MoKan bike meet/ride together for motorized bikes. If interested PM me.
  3. Hey that sounds like alot of fun to me and i know where mokan is been there before. Well the bike i got is a next avalon comfort cruiser with aluminum frame had to order online . Man im not sure a motor is going to fit in the frame rails it looked like a bigger space on the website.. Ive got about 8.5 inches diaganol from bottom of top bar to top of bottom bar and i havent got my motor kit yet so i cant look and see yet .Its supposed to be in on monday.. I did find a kaluna moondog at walmart in joplin that i liked alot so if this frame dont work ill buy that one and learn a lesson lol...
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  4. Well i have been looking and dont see another next avalon with a motor inside frame probably for a reason ,ive seen one on the back but it was a four stroke and ive already got the 2 stroke coming on monday. So ive got some choices i can cut the frame to fit the motor in ,or i can get another frame ,or i can get another bar welded in from a fabricator . I really like the bike and not sure about cutting on it so my motor powered bike adventures are not going so well yet.
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    Hello Carthage, from Pittsburg, Ks

    Welcome to MBc, neighbor!!

    (I just noticed that you live nearby)

    that sure gonna be a cool Indian, when you getter done!!