Hello from central FL

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by keylan, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. keylan

    keylan Member

    Just getting my first post out of the way

    current setup: nothing
    current interest: very high

    just came across this crazy idea a few days ago and can't shake it from my head so i think i'm going to give it a try

    Thinking for my first run i will start out with a 70$ walmart cruiser and a cheap, but complete ebay kit...i know i will sacrifice quality, but for my first run i'm willing to cheap out

    hello to all and i look forward to learning much more about this great gas-saving hobby

  2. Welcome neighbor from the Treasure Coast........
  3. alex

    alex Guest

    What part of central Florida? I'm in Englewood (Sarasota county).
  4. kitcarguy

    kitcarguy Member

    Orlando here. Welcome
  5. keylan

    keylan Member

    North orlando, winter springs to be exact
  6. B.K. Hosken

    B.K. Hosken Member

    Hey, I'm selling my HT complete with bike (look in the buy/sell area) if you're looking for one ready to run. It's got 100 miles on it, just broken in and runs great. Problem is it's on a ten speed skinny tire bike, and I like my recumbent bike better so I motorized that. I'm in north Melbourne, FL