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    I'm Doc Williamson in Lake Mary, Florida. I'm a full time Blues piano player & singer & stay booked in the Orlando area. I'm here for the same reason everyone else is, I've been bitten by the Motorbike bug.

    I've been lurking for about a week & have learned so much about what to do & maybe more importantly, what not to do. I'm waiting on a final price quote for my first project & hope to have all the parts within two weeks to start building. I'm buying a Long Beach Cruiser & will mount a PK80 with chrome kit on it plus upgrades to the large, chrome air filter, spark plug, spark plug wire, fuel valve, head stud kit & engine hardware kit. Does anyone see anything I should add or subtract?

    I look forward to learning a lot from my new friends here.

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    Welcome to the Forums at MBc. I think all you have to do is make the huskiest frame, and the most husky trailer and hitch as possible to accommodate a Chickering 88 Upright.<roflmao> And, of course, about three rows of strung glass beads...got to have those if you plan to play the blues. I have been known to play a mean blues Tenor Sax in my day, And I'm fairly sure our old Bass player is still playing in the Orlando area...May not be too hard to get together for an impromptu blues afternoon???!!!
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    Patrick, sorry I missed seeing your reply until now. I'd love to jam with you & your buddy. I host Blues jams at The Alley in Sanford every Sunday from 5 - 9 & every Wednesday from 8 - 12. Hope to see you soon.