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    found this sit on Google. I do not own anything I could classify as a motorized bicycle, I have a couple Harley Panheads.
    I just watched in wonder and amazement the Motorcycle Cannonball.
    cross country on 1915 & earlier motorcycles in just over 2 weeks.
    I will read a lot more than I post.
    Moore OK

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    Hi,I posted today.Read yours & related.In high school I wanted a honda 125cc[class of '66]my sisters boyfriend had a 90cc,close enough.He was leary of letting me ride the new bike,but I was with him when he bought a '53 tank shift HD for a case of Bud[8$].Rode that in a cow pasture.Wound up with a 57 state police bike I chopped. ruscootertrash Peter