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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by StevePA, Jul 1, 2008.

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    Hello all! I am located in Tyrone, PA. I have wanted a motorized bike ever since I first heard about the GEBE system on NPR back in 2003. With gas prices going up, and my need for some exercise, I finally convinced my wife to allow me to order a kit. After a couple of small kinks, I finally got it up and running. I got the Robin/Subaru 35cc engine with my kit. My hope is to use it as a commuter bike for my 17 mile commute. I have been looking at posts in this forum for a couple of weeks and it looks like there is some good info here!

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    hi steve; great choice, after proper breakin i will get more power and 225+mpg. a turkey baster is a great tool for oil changes. adjust engine for proper belt align. it will last a good long time. your bike wasnt made for a motor so chk. nuts and bolts. now the wife will want one. good luck. mitch
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    Ha! I hope she does. I'd buy one for her! Only problem is we have a 3 and 5 year old so we wouldn't be able to go riding together very often. I wonder if GEBE makes a drive ring for a 12" bike.... :rolleyes: (just kidding....)
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    Great hobby. Even though I look over my shoulder for cops. I spend much more time alone. And the money I save in gas, goes in parts. It's a great hobby.

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    There are bike trailers that would allow you to take the kids along (until they get too big). By the way, welcome to MBc!