Hello from Charleston SC - many typical newbie questions

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  1. kennessey

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    Hello, I am excited to join the forum. My current bike was a gift and is a Fuji Sanibel cruiser. I have concerns about the motor (which I don't have yet) fitting the bike's odd frame setup. My issue is the two bars (I don't know what they are called but they run parallel, below the top bar) connect to the down tube 13" above the bottom bracket and intersect the seat tube 11.5" above the bottom bracket. Other typical newbie questions involve; what kit to purchase, where can I find another frame locally (preferable Schwinn), what mod's are worth purchasing outright, any members who can help locally...all stuff I can probably locate in the forum. Anyhow...I said a mouthful.Thanks

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    Hi Kennessey,welcome to Motoredbikes!
    How about a pic of the bike?
    Somewhere there is a printable outline of the HT engine so people can see if it fits their frame, but I don't know where it is.
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    Professor...thanks for your concern. Here is a pic. I have more but I think this gives you the idea. Aside from a motor perhaps not fitting, I am not crazy about the lines of this bike to begin with. I really like the Schwinn (phantom for example) style. Ideas?

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  4. professor

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    If it was me- those two tubes would gone, cut off at the seat post forward (welded to the seat post though). Stregnth is not an issue, they were a style thing. You would have plenty of room for any kind of engine!
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    is money an issue???
  6. Esteban

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    I would suggest going to a rear wheel friction drive set-up.
    LOVE Charleston, & will be there in a few weeks.
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    Welcome, Charleston huh?? Myself and the Missus lived in Folly Beach for a couple years before moving back up north...so beautiful down there.