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    I hope you don't mind if I say "Thank you all." in advance. I've been perusing this forum while working my first build and have already found info that was invaluable. Other forums that have proved invaluable to me has been a BMW 2002 forum. This one saved me a lot of time (with emphasis on "a lot") ....That car is gone. For a short period I got into model aircraft building after a 25 year hiatus since being a child. Again modeling forums enabled me to raise model building to a near high art. This wouldn't have been nearly so easy without forums. Oh, and For money I am an Engineer.

    As for my first build: I'm adding a little 46.6 cc motor to a just-purchased Schwinn Legacy Cruiser ($98 at Target). I'm held up on the exhaust. I'll be submitting my problems on the altar of this forum soon for your kind assistance. It seems that every kid on the block, (my 9 yr-old Son's friends) are pushing me to make progress. The pressure is on!

    Thanks again.