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    Welcome to the forum. Its great to see another Coloradoan here. I'll sell you a ready to ride comfort bike with a great running 2 stroke engine. No need for you to work through the build process and learn the hard way of all of the issues with these motors that I have encountered from building motorized bikes for 5 years. With your money being tight, I suspect you would prefer to ride instead of tinkering to resolve install issues that are very common.

    400 dollars will get you a professinally built Schwinn Searcher that has a front suspension fork, upgraded mounting hardware, an aftermarket 48 tooth rear sprocket to account for decreased engine power at altitude and the many hills we have, and many extras in a build that will take good care of you for many miles. The bike, engine were new at time of build and I have put about 100 miles on the setup to work the bugs out and get everything tuned and broken in properly.

    IM me if you are interested. For significantly much more, I have bikes with high compression heads, sickbike parts shift kits, and tuned pipes. Test rides are available and I'm located in Northern Colorado Springs. I can deliver to Denver area on a weekend I'm not working and will require a deposit and small gas fee to do so.
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    Hmmm. What kind of engine? What color of bike?

    Anyone have comments on the one I linked?

    An issue came to mind today. I looked around my work building for a bike rack and I couldn't find one. I see parking/etc signs I could lock it to, or a picnic table, but both would be on the lawn... Which I see people working on now and then. Are there alternative ways of locking them up? What has been peoples experience with this?


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    Neo, its a Schwinn Searcher comfort bike that has a front suspension fork standard. It is a blue color with silver trim and looks very nice..its an eye catcher.

    Engine is a Powerking 80 2 stroke (which is really 66cc) and runs great. Engine and install has had all upgrades that I discuss in a new build thread. IM me your email address and I'll send you pictures.

    The one you linked should be ok but you can get a cheaper one from Walmart that would work as well.

    As for locking your bike, if no bike rack, a tree or some immoveable object would be your next best bet but no cable or lock will prevent a theft or vandalism if someone truly has their mind set on it. I used my bike to commute to work and kept it locked in a cage that was set aside by my company for bike commuters. Wouldn't you know it, a non-motorized bike commuter slashed my tires. The cage was locked and only bikes who signed for a key had access to it.
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    66cc? Isn't the law 50cc here? I'm also in the Springs BTW.

    There are trees... But what if I lock it to a tree Every day, including every time the lawn people come to cut the grass... Will they eventually cut my lock and dispose of my bike??


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    Hi Skyliner -

    I'm happy I ran into your name and location. I live just northeast of Platte and Academy. Someday I will have to meet you in person.

    A question if you have time... I am almost finished with my first build, a 66 cc in a 24-in men's frame mountain bike. The engine **barely** fits after some modifications. I have not fired it up yet. What do you have in the way of sage advice for getting good performance at 6200 feet? I don't expect that engine to be high-revving. It is for a lady friend who will seldom exceed 25 mph. She will be a nice-weather cruiser with flower-print saddlebags. Rear sprocket is 44T. My bike (soon to be built) will be a more serious get-out-and-see-the-world build. I am going to work my engine and frame a lot harder.

    Thanks, and will talk at you more later!
    Colorado Springs
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    Bring it by when i have a free weekend off from work and I'd be more than happy to take a look at it and make suggestions.

    For performance, I would suggest a high compression head and a 48 or even 50 tooth sprocket. I have many spare sprockets around. Since this is for a lady friend, you should also consider a centrifugal clutch which makes these things so easy to ride.

    take care and PM me so we can meet and even better, go for a long ride.