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    I've lurked for a couple weeks. Now that I finished ordering the parts, here is the "official" introduction.

    The Plan
    a commuter motor-assisted bike capable of taking me 32 miles per day.

    I ride this frequently on my road bike, but I don't like having to take a shower at the end of the ride, or having to pack clothes.

    I have an "old" (1999) Trek 7000 frame waiting in the wings for a motor. and some other upgrades.

    So far the parts list is: 2010 48cc GRUBEE motor kit + Sick Bike Parts HD shifter kit + SRAM Attack 9spd shifter + cheapo light kit (better one to follow pending electrical system install). :idea:

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    Hi, welcome.
    I strongly recommend a 66cc Grubee engine. You are losing 3% horsepower for every 1,000 foot elevation gain and a 66cc is the better option over the 48cc...no cop will know the difference if you are stopped.
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    are all the parts besides the motor in the Grubee kits identical? -- Carb, exhaust, etc.

    My trip is mostly flat. -- I figured I'd be legal first and if I needed more power I'd label engineer a 60cc into the works.
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    Welcome to the forum. I did a 50 mile round trip commute, once a week when I lived in Arizona. I added a 3/4 gallon fuel tank but didn't really need it.
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    You sure you are in Colorado? Seriously, get the larger engine or you'll probably end up with buyers regret.