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    I am an e-bike enthusiast. I got one about eight years ago and I love it. It is a Currie 300w with SLA batteries.

    I bough a Schwinn for my wife with a 250w front hub motor and Li-poly batteries. Much lighter at 42 lbs. She is crazy about it.

    We like having the ability of riding on the bike path, which we probably couldn't do with a gas engine. The range is adequate, but she is worried about riding it to work through traffic.

    I have time to follow the technology now that I am retired. Lately, I have been tinkering with the idea of an add-on gas engine that could be removed when not required.

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    hi lf; welcome. hybrids are being thought about here. to ride on bike paths via elec or to use it as extra power on a hard pull and be able to shut down the gasser and go elec. when the po po is around. im looking into it myself. keep us informed. the gasers arent made to be removed easily, just shut off. mitch