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    Hi folks!
    I stumbled upon this site and became intrigued with the thought of a 100 mpg bike for my back and forth to work transportation. I like building stuff and I am an avid motorcyclist, so two wheels is where I want to find my economy. I have been looking at the e-bay kits and scouring the INTERNET for some info and this seems like the place to be. With cold weather on its way here in Connecticut I am looking for a donor bike to start stripping and painting and then ill get started on the engine kit. Any ideas which kit is best per Dollar? All the ebay kits look the same ,I am so confused.................................Thanks..................................skip

  2. Happy Valley

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    Welcome and now you found us you'll be really confused...just kidding.

    There is no one answer to your question, much depends on what you expect.
    A better question might be which system offers the best value and lasting satifaction for your needs. My advice is readreadread. Hey, it's spitting snow today, you got plenty of time, don't be in a hurry to build something you'll be sorry for and want to upgrade anyway.
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    All good ponts, I have been reading and will continue to do so. I am looking for the most durable chinese 80 cc kit. As for the bike itself I am leaning toward the beach cruiser stlye for my first bike. Maybe a shwinn point beach, although I am currently reading the pros and cons on them and may change my mind.
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    Hi Skip welcome to MB.c Glad your here.
    This place is a big pot of opinions thrown in and stirred up. What it comes down to is what makes YOU smile when motoring down the road. Spend some time in the photo section to narrow it down, what stimulates you. You will notice that TONS of members have multiple MB's. This reason is because the sport/hobby grabbed them. Their first bike was the training ground that lead to their dream bike/bikes.
    My opinion thrown into the pot is this...Motor kits can be transferred from bike to bike. Get a good solid older bike and get your feet wet with a total build. Gain experience, run into problems, see if this MB thing is for you. If so, I guarantee after your first build, and hanging around here there will be no doubt you'll be clear about your dream bike. If you get hooked, one bike wont be enough. LOl
    What ever you decide were all here for you. Enjoy your ride. terrence.
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    If I were gonna do it all over again, I think I'd go with a single-speed, coaster brake. (Actually, I did. That's my wife's bike. Mine is a converted ten-speed.)

    I'm using the "both brake levers on the right" set-up. It's not bad at all. My braking is adequate. But I'd like something a bit better. A coaster brake type with a hand operated front will give braking certainty.

    And I don't use my gears all that much. So a single speed would be no problem at all.
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    welcome skipS

    there's just one importer that I would say -- stay away from boygofast...

    other than that -- get your order in and -- ride that thing
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    I have been searching the local paper's and tag sales for an old school Schwinn, huffy, Columbia cruiser style steel frame but no luck yet. I see many cruiser style new bikes advertised but by the time I ship them they are out of the price range i want to spend on the bike. ill keep looking I would like to start my project before thanks giving. Thanks for the replies folks, i appreciate it........................skip
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    Also try Craigslist, etc. There are lots of them old "steelies" out there.