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  1. artmaker

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    Howdeeee all.

    Been thinking about a motorized bike for a few years now. With gas what it is, I'm thinking real hard about it.

    Best deal I found so far was on ebay, but a few posts I already read here suggests I need to learn a few things from you pros first.
    Since I cannot afford anything right this second, I have some time to pick brains. (eeeeeeewwwww)

    I'm in very rural farm area of SW lower Michigan, getting too danged old to peddle to every place (since nothing is less than a dozen or so miles away.) Thinking a motor assist bike (for the up hills) would be perfect for me.

    Looking at the least expensive gas motors, and walmart has a surprisingly good selection of old style schwin bikes that should work.
    But I have questions....

    So that's it. Hi.

  2. skyl4rk

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    If you want to get it right the first time:

    full suspension mountain bike (Mart of Wal special OK)
    Gebe or Dax kit

    Welcome from Van Buren Co.
  3. artmaker

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    Gebe or Dax kit, OK, there is a guy on ebay, go fast daddy or something like that, (I've seen him posted in here, assuming you know who I'm talking about.)
    I could find the listing if that's allowed here.

    Anyway, what kind is that?
    What I've read so far, I want the chain drive kind, not a friction motor. Is Gebe or Dax kit one? (Got a picture? Good place to buy?)
  4. HoughMade

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    Hello! I grew up in Edwardsburg, Michigan (was there today, in fact), so I know rural SW Michigan.

    Dax sells frame mount 2 strokes (frame mount being between the legs like a motorcycle) and a rack mount 4 stroke (behind over the rear wheel). His site is www.thatsdax.com and that is the only place you find Dax stuff.

    GEBE is an abbreviation for Golden Eagle Bike Engines and you kind it here:


    They sell top notch rack mounts.

    Even if you were going to go with a frame mount 2 stroke which is the cheapest- notice I said "cheapest" not "least expensive", I would check Dax and shy away from eBay- better support. The frame mount 2 strokes are a good entry into motorized bicycling, but if you want more reliable, less hassle, go with something else.

    Do some searches- the info is all around you!
  5. artmaker

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    Hi, I think I saw both sites already. (Have been reading.) I like the dax style, looks like a motorcycle. But gees, support better be fantastic to be double the price.
    Guess I need to keep reading. (And saving money.)

    Edwardsburg isn't all that far either. We lived in Niles for awhile while I was going to SMC. Then moved near Hartford. (For a Chicago transplant, this is great!)
  6. HoughMade

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    I wanted the frame mount look too and I did not want to spend $800+ for a Whizzer, but I wanted something less maintenance intense than a Chinese 2 stroke so I bought a Grubee gearbox and mounting kit and a Honda engine from Small Engine Warehouse. Figure closer to $400+ for both- much less than GEBE (let alone Whizzer), much more than the 2 strokes.

    Figure the function between those setups too- though it will exceed a stock GEBE on speed and give a stock Whizzer a run.

    The setup similar to what I have is found on this site- but like I said, I sprang for the Honda engine.


    That being said, there seem to be a lot of people here who really enjoy their 2 strokes.

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  7. skyl4rk

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    SoHaven here

    Go for a four cycle, if you are out in the country you need a reliable motor. Yes it costs a little more but it will last longer. thatsdax.com four cycle titan if you want a chain system.

    I have run the Van Buren Trail down towards Hartford on my 2 stroke, thats a pretty rough trail, the horse tracks make it rough.
  8. artmaker

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    Wow I love those video clips on the dax site.
    Looks like you have to start that motor up with a pull cord??? Is that the case for the frame mount two strokes?

    Hey, off topic here but.... I added a few bicycle designs to my shirt shop. (need sales before I can buy anything.) And I take requests too!
    (Shameless I know.)
  9. artmaker

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    I'm ashamed to say I have yet to ever try this trail. Only found out it exists a few weeks ago. I have got to find it!
  10. kerf

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    Hi, so long as you have time to shop, let me suggest Staton. Their gear and chain drive is not as cheap as some but it's the most robust unit on the market. If you're going to be a fair weather rider, the friction drive units are lite and relative cost effective. There are pros and cons to all of them, so read, read, read and arm yourself with knowledge. The best deal isn't worth a toot if it winds up in your garage sale in a month.
  11. skyl4rk

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    LOL Burns Gass
  12. artmaker

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    Yea glad you like the "gass" thing. Probably doesn't fit here.

    Say... I found a diagram showing the bike shape needed.

    IT states no rear suspension. BUT... I've seen bikes with suspension under the seat, not on the rear fork itself. Would that be ok? (Thinking I like the in the frame gas tank type. Longest ride I'd consider trying is about 30 miles EACH way. Seems electric won't cut it, this might.)
  13. HoughMade

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    A suspension seat is fine...and a good idea. Nope- electric will not usually do that range unless speeds are kept down and there is a lot of pedaling....and why would you want to do that? ;)

    I have heard good stuff about Spookytooth.
  14. artmaker

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    Hey I have a question for you all. Thinking I could go ahead and get a bike now. Save for the motor and keep reading... This is the bike I have in mind,
    But there is NO suspension at all. So.... could this be installed? I never swapped a fork. Is it hard? http://www.spookytoothcycles.com/co...facturer_id,0/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,1/

    And... is this type of suspension really worth it? Or is that mainly for looks.
    I'm big and tall too. 5'11" and well...300lbs! (all muscle. haha..)
  15. HoughMade

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    That bicycle looks like it would work. A fork is not at all hard to change. When you get to the point where you want to do that, I'm sure there are plenty of threads here. essentially, you removed the stem and handlbars- loosen the center bolt in the stem- loosen, do not remove, then just tap it down with a hammer and it will loosen and the stem will come off (for got to say, remove the hand controls from the bars). Then just get a large set of channel locks and remove the nut, washed and collar that secure the fork- it will look simple when it is in front of you.
  16. Simonator

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    I didn't notice this thread until now.... WELCOME MAN!!!
  17. artmaker

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    haha.... man! lol. I love it.
    Not complaining now, this happens so often I find it funny. But...

    Why is it always assumed anyone interested in motors has to be a man?
    Hmmmm? My handle, artmaker, usually gets shortened into "Art." Makes me laugh. Usually. Sometimes that gets rather annoying. Especially when this happens in person. (I have REAL short hair. I get "sir'd" quite often. Hey, I swim. Long hair is a pain. It's that simple.)

    Then again, perhaps I shouldn't say anything. It's usually assumed us silly women can't possibly understand anything motor. I have shocked more than a few mechanics trying to charge me to change my winter tire air, or, bumper oil, or charge me $500.00 to instal an alternator I already have in hand. Give me a wrench and I'll change it myself! Gees! A bolt and a belt. Come on!

    By the way, another member here contacted me and sold me a real nice bike! Here... http://artmakersworlds.com/testing/Bike/Bike1.jpg

    I'll probably be back on these boards when it comes to fixing things. You know us silly women, can't turn a screw without help. (RMAO)