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  1. cwalker

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    Hello MBc! I am new to the board and new to the hobby. I first saw a motored bike at a campground will camping with my family. I was intrigued with the concept and started researching it online. I love to "tinker" with stuff and I am excited about building a motored bike. Not to mention the rising gas prices are killing me. I only live 4 miles form work so commuting with my new project would be awesome.

    I live in Marinna Florida (in the panhandle) and would love any advice and pointer to get me going. I am searching around the thrift stores and garage sales for a bike. Any advice on the best brands to look for (easiest instillation, most durable parts). Also, I am overwhelmed by the selection of kits out there. From eBay, to dedicated websites there seems to be a wide variety of kits to purchase. I want to start with a simple project and then to play the mods down the road.

    Thanks for all the help and anyone in my area give me a shout I would love to meet up and check out your projects for some ideas and advise!
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  2. Fleet mech

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    Gas going up

    Hi cwalker I'm new to MBc and Welcome you'll find what you're looking for everything from what type of bike to build to type of motors. I had a problem with my carb, used the search- problem solved. Have Fun!
  3. Esteban

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    We always welcome another from the land of Love-bugs. I hope you get your new project going. Have you tried to ride a non-powered bike the 4 miles ? It is an easy distance unless you have physical problems.
  4. cwalker

    cwalker New Member

    I did ride the 4 miles last week. I realized it had been a long time since I rode more than around the block. The last hill liked to killed me and my legs felt like jello. The biggest problem was I felt like I needed to go home and take a shower after the trek. I am hoping the motor powered will allow me to get to work without all the sweat and the ride home can be my daily exercise.

    I have been reading and reading in the posts. My biggest question is do I get the motor first then find a bike to fit it, or get the bike and then pick out a motor?
  5. dbigkahunna

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    You have a bike already, just get one to fit it!
    Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!
  6. cwalker

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    My current bike is a "Next" mountain bike from Walmart. It has the full frame suspension and i don't see how to mount an engine to it. I am searching around for a cruiser style, but live in a small town so there is not alot of choices.

    I thought about getting a cruiser from Walmart, but i have read several posts on here talking about how they dont hold up. if i am going to invest the time and money i want something that will last a while.
  7. Alaskavan

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    For a full suspension bike, a Gebe or Staton kit would work well. Here's a picture of a Staton setup: http://www.staton-inc.com/photo_gallery_large.asp?PhotoID=42
    Dax's Titan could probably be mounted on a full suspension bike without too much trouble.
    All of those options would likely be more reliable than a Happy Time.
  8. Welcome to another Floridian from the Treasure Coast........
  9. stude13

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    if want something to last, think american or japanese and stay out of walmart!
  10. cwalker

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    Thanks for all the great advise. I have been reading and reading over the last few days. I am thinking about getting a 70cc from thatsdax. My question is should I go ahead and order my motor (since the site saysittakes 10 days to ship) or wait and find a bike first. I am currently planning to search out the yard sales and thrift stores in my area. Since I am in a small town there is not a lot to chose from.
  11. Marktur

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    Welcome from Boynton Beach, FL!

    The Kulana Moon Dog from Walmart for $99 is a steal! Just look all of them over and pick out the best one, with the truest turning rims and tires. Everything else is just "adjustments".

    If I had the extra jingle, I would go with a 4-stroke motor like Dax's Titan, and I actually may do that sooner than later. The 2-stroke runs great, but wants to go faster than I feel comfortable riding, and is a bit "boggy" at 15mph, where I'm sure the pure "grunt" of the 4 stroke will keep everything smooth at any speed.

    That's my $0.02...
    Good luck!
  12. stude13

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    check out threads about carb tuning, when it feels boggy try a little choke, if that works start adjusting either set screw or move the clip one notch down.
  13. Esteban

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    Start off slowly, by riding a mile or 2 each day. Also, develope your stamina by a brisk walk/treadmill/stationary bike everyday. I am near 60 , have had neck surgery, have a bad back, & 4 miles is nothing. One thing to remember, is that with a bike that doesn't FIT you well, you will get exhausted much quicker.
  14. Marktur

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    Yeah, I agree...I can't stand pedaling my Kulana Moon Dog...I feel like I'm just too big for it...knees coming too close to the handlebars...and I don't want to raise the seat all the way up like my riding bike - which allows me to extend me legs almost all the way.

    I think I need to find one of those offset seat posts that moves the seat back towards the rear a few inches...can someone point me to where I can purchase one of these gizmos?
  15. cwalker

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    I think I have a bike to work with. Tell me what you think...

    It is a blue Huffy Stone Mountain. I got it from a friend and it has been sitting for a while. I spent all day Saturday tearing it down and cleaning it up. I hope to get some new bearings for it this week and replace the chain and all cables. The rear wheel seems to be a little out of shape and I think I may need to replace it. The thing I like the best is the front forks have suspension to them.

    Any tips or improvement to help as I reassemble the bike?
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  16. stringer

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    hi from fl 2
  17. Marktur

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    I think that by the time you're done, you could've bought a new one from Walmart... There's a Huffy cruiser for like $79, I think. Don't mean to be a bummer, but bearings, cables, tires, rims...add up to more than a new bike.