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    I just found out about motorized bikes a few weeks ago. I am looking to buy a kit, or fully assembled bike. Does anyone know of a location that I can physically purchase one in the state of Florida?

    It seems that a state as big as Florida should have many outlets. But I have found nothing on searching the net.

    Any information would be appreciated. ..... EXCALIBUR

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    Thanks For The Help

    Thanks Mickey. That's the first store that I have seen in FL. Though it is about 400 miles from me. Hopefully someone knows of one closer to Orlando or West Palm. Ex/ Bill
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    Welcome Excaliber. You'll find a myriad of information here.
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    Welcome to MBc. :cool:
    Good luck in you search.
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    in west of orlando

    hey man what kinda setup u looking for friction drive,chaindrive or belt?i like the friction drive because they seem less noticable and less likely to get harassed by the cops..try motorizedfoldupbikes.com.

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    Thanks guys. Well I have been looking at Dax's engine kits. Also Kings Motor Bikes and Spooky Tooth bikes. I would like to just find a shop that sells a variety to take a look at.

    Kings has a bike w/2 stroke motor, advertized for 460.00. That is the best deal I have seen so far. Shipping is about a 100.00. They have a South Fl area code, but a Louisiana address on their site. I have emailed but not heard back from them.

    I have an inexpensive China Mart mountain bike right now. I will buy a better bike to mount an engine on.

    What I can't get a handle on is why the assembled bikes with 200.00 two stroke motors, are generally 500-700.00 at most dealers.

    Are the bikes they put them on 300-500.00? They all claim that installation is quick and easy to install the kits.

    If I can't find a Florida store to shop in I will order one off the net. But it would sure be nice to look at some fully functional bikes first.

    I like the way the center mount looks better. But the rear mount makes a lot of sense. I am not reading much positive feedback on friction direct tire drives. So belt or chain will probably be my choice.
    EX/ Bill
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    Welcome to MBc ! Home of may answers, and awaiting your ideas.
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    Welcome to MBc. "Quick and easy to install". Let me guess. You saw that in an advertisement.
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    Installation is hardly quick and easy if you want to do a quality install. It takes me at least 8 hours and occasionally longer to do an install. At 25/hour labor, it adds up.

    I know you want to buy locally but your best bet is to get the engine mail order. I strongly recommend a distributor who offers a 30 day money back warranty and whose kits are pretty reliable.
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    In many areas, $25/hour labor, is not possible to find, either. The seller is doing the work for YOU, by assembling everything. All you have to do is ride ! Isn't it cheaper to buy a steak in a grocery store than in a restaurant ?
    Anyway, the link someone posted above to folding bikes, etc, will show some bikes of all types available, & I believe they are located in Clearwater.
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    You mentioned King's hasn't replied to your email. They aren't replying to my email either. Despite this problem, their service and prices were good when I used them.
    Try leaving him a message. You know, on the one where he says, "He's on the other line right now." See if he calls then. Once I left him a message concerning missing parts, and with no call back, the parts arrived in two days. Maybe his email is just screwed up.
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    It is fast and easy if you want to spend a lot of time fixing stuff later. Experience speaking. My 2nd build was over a weekend and have not had a single problem.
    There's more to it than a bike and motor. Mirrors, helmet, rink holder, cargo racks, fancy brakes, fenders..... I started out with a $50 pawn shop bike and a $150 dax motor. I bet I'm over $400 well spent hard earned money.
    Building your own is part of the fun.
    Welcome to MBc.
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    While watching the local news, they had a piece on two Wellington men starting a motorized bike business. I believe they want about $500.00 for the conversion. they sparked my interest, but I am very cheap and had to go the ebay route. I hope that I ain't sorry that I chose this route, but I hardly have anything in it.
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    Too bad Five Flags is 400 miles away. I have had good service and no run around with Frank down there.

    Buying from a storefront like Fank's brings in a lot of "doing business right" standards that may or may not be a part of an online only seller.

    We have two dealers in AZ, one upstanding and one you need asbestos skin to deal with. )

    Good luck in your search. Jim
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