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    WOW! I'm amazed at this site! I'd been researching/debating buying a scooter/moped/small motorcycle for the last year. I had seen some motorized bicycles before, but I never actually took them too serious. Obviously not knowing much about them or the many options available for them. I had been scouring craigslist for a cheap used moped/scooter/motorcycle and I came across a posting for the new Whizzer Ambassador. It floored me! I started researching Whizzer and it lead me to this site. I'm so thankful I research everything to death before a major purchase. I'm definately leaning towards a motored bicycle, now I fear I'm going to start all over again researching all the motored bikes and available options. Arrgg!!! ( but in a good way! ) :ack2:

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    Welcome to the board. I live in Jacksonville, Fl.
  3. Welcome, from the Treasure Coast,,,,,,,,,
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    We're glad you found us. You won't be sorry, either; MB'ing is one of the greatest hobbies around. Lot's of lee-way for doing almost anything you want plus fun and practical transportation in the bargain.
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    yes there are many options for M/B's , that's what makes it so fun !!!
    you can buy a ready made kit convert your bike or you can get creative and pull some old stuff out of the junk pile and just go crazy..
    It's really cool to see all the stuff that people can come it with !!!
    The only limit is your imagination !!!
    Have fun as you narrow down you options.. I think the reseasearch is alot of the fun !!!
    I can't wait for my next project, thinking about a H/T kit.. But I really want to build a Staton chain drive for the wife...
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    Thanks for welcoming me! I'm so new to all this, it's a bit to take in. Can anyone suggest any good links to learn more? Are there any magazines or books anyone can point me to? I could swear I've seen some similar style bikes in magazines, I can't remember what magazines though. I don't feel like fighting the crowds near the malls to go to the book stores.
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    What really helped me to understand How all this stuff worked, Was watching the video's on YOUTUBE...
    You can see some of these bikes in action !!!
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    Ginoxb, what part of the state are you in?