Hello from Florida

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Elwoodwins77, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. Elwoodwins77

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    I'm new to the board and relatively new to MB's in general. Bought my first at a pawn shop and I've rebuilt it pretty much top to bottom since I got it. Now I'm almost done with my first scratch build. (Broken arm has me on the sidelines for a hot minute) I used an old huffy cruiser as the base for a cafe style build. As soon as I can I'll share some pics. Cheers!

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    Depending on where you live in Florida the cops may or may not bother you. You should read the post about Florida RS-68. This procedure allows you to make a self built moped using a bicycle frame. The bike has to be inspected by the DMV so a moped tag can be issued. This might be why the bike was in a pawn shop.
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    Thanks for the word! I'm a little familiar with the statutes. I'm fortunate to live in a small town that doesn't seem to bother with you if you don't bother others so until someone makes me go spend the $5 I'm going to play country dumb. Once there's a plate on it I won't be as welcome on the bike paths...