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  1. VincenT

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    I'm pretty new to the motorized bike world... but not new to bicycles or motorcycles. There seems to be a wealth of information here...and don't worry, I'll utilize the search function. I just purchased (3) 80cc ebay kits and a couple of bikes to tinker with (skyliner for my girlfriend as a bribe...errr gift, so she can enjoy my wrenching time, kustom krusier, and a micargi beach cruiser). I can't wait for them to come in... I guess it's good that i do have to wait so I can read up on the do's and do not's...

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    G'day man a welcome to MBc.
    Excellent idea to read first and use the Search feature...we should patent you. :smile:
  3. azbill

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    welcome to MBc ! :D
  4. mickey

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    Welcome Vincent. The Skyliner make a great motorized bike.
  5. VincenT

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    Mickey, I showed my girlfriend your skyliner build up... she's pretty excited and reassured with the skyliner /engine combo. She was kinda shakey with the light weight and adding an engine.
  6. mickey

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    I've enjoyed it. I thought the rear tank improved its lines (I moved it even further back on the rear mount later than any of my posts) Other's disagreed.

    Alas, my boy has it at school this semester. (For me, the weather has gotten too cold and nasty to ride much anyway before the spring)

    EDIT: Likearock made a pretty sweet front mount for his skyliner, with measurements :grin:
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    Welcome to MBc. :cool:
    You'll love it here
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    Welcome and glad to see you already picked up additional project. The tribe greets you from the Giant Side of Texas!