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    Hi All,

    My name's Rick. I live in Fresno, California. I make my living carving wood, but I'm also one of those older guys who has returned to school. The idea is to get the credentials which will allow me to teach history in a college. Fresno, btw, is surrounded by farms, a lot of fruit, nuts (no California jokes please) and vines. Flat country. Hot in the summer and gloomy in the winter, but beautiful once you get to know the place.

    I've been car free for a year now. My big, bad, lifted 4x4 Chevy 3/4 ton has been sitting in the driveway with a busted transmission because I'm tired of dumping money into it. I'm fixing to sell it, as-is, to get the cash for an engine kit for the motor bicycle I'm building.

    Cruising around the neighborhood and scanning Craigslist just did not reveal the kinda old Schwinn cantilever frame type of bike I wanted for my first project, so I finally just bought a new one off Amazon for a $150.00. I wanted good old American steel, but oh well; the frame is pretty much the cheapest part of the bike. It should arrive today. When it does, I'll put it together and post a picture--the first, I hope, of many, as I share my building story. The plan is to strip it down, de-brand, repaint, and put together a board track racer style machine. I expect the only original component left will be the frame. (I got a bunch of new and extra bike parts.)

    Not least, I discovered this forum through a search for motor bicycle touring stories, and it was bamabikeguy's tales that really hit me. I'm sorry to see that he has departed this world. I like those kinds of stories, and I look forward to some mutual sharing. You guys seem pretty cool.

    But am I missing something? I haven't seen any women posting here, and I've read a lot of threads as I lurked, gathering information.


  2. Ludwig II

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    There are lots of areas of human endeavour where there is no discrimination or barrier to participation that women don't generally seem to be interested in. Getting covered in oil and having broken fingernails appears to be one of them.
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    :) Hi Ludwig II. Funny thing is I know a girl who just recently started going to motorcycle mechanic school. She posted a picture on Facebook showing herself wearing overalls, nitrile gloves, and a big grin as she held up a bank of carbs off an old Honda CB 750. Her caption was, "I love the smell of carburator cleaner in the morning!"

    They are out there. She has NO problem finding boyfriends.

    Anyhow, my new cruiser was just dropped off by UPS. The fun begins!
  4. Ludwig II

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    I bet she dabs WD40 behind her ears as well. Got an address? :tt1:
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    Not bike oil atleast! My neighbor and his wife have the bee's and they ride all over town all the time i see em 30miles away sometimes just cruising around..I have been trying to get them to come on here but there not very social..there like the lone riders! I try and get them to go riding with me and buddies but they like to ride alone..i wonder sometimes if they dont carry a blanket around..lol
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    Yeah, BchCruiser, it's weird how some couples are in their own little world, but it sounds like they are happy there.

    It's too bad there are no girls to show off to here. I'll see if I can get one here in town interested in motor bicycling, and then see if I can get her to join the forum.

    In the mean time, I put together my new cruiser, rode around a bit, discovered that I could not extend my legs enough to get any power to the pedals like I can with a road bike or a mountain bike. It's an odd seating position for me. I'm used to a bent over stance, but I wanted a cruiser, so I got one.

    After that first test run, I took it all apart again. I think the only original part I'll keep is the frame. A few minutes ago, I finished the new paint. I'll start another thread for the build...

  7. BchCruizer

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    There out there Good Luck! Maybe if you go to sturgis!
    Beach cruiser are the best way to go for comfort. We have engines no need for gears! these things are just to much fun! Good luck with your build!