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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by metta, Mar 27, 2009.

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    Hi, my name is John. I'm a single 33yr old guy living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I got my first ride on a motorized bike a few weeks ago. I was sold on putting one together before I rode, now I'm religious about getting one. I rode an 80cc/mountain bike with very scary non-working brakes:ee2k:... still got it up to 35+ mph. I'll being buying my first 80cc kit in about a week. For my bike, I'll be buying a beach cruiser in May. I'll be sure to post photos and updates. Thanks to everyone involved in making and maintaining the site and for mods and posters- and sponsors for all the info. -Metta :clap:
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  2. Pablo

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    Welcome - the more the better. Grab a bike and don't sit down for too long! :jester:
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    Hi, your doing it right by researching on this site before you build.Have fun !!! MotoMagz
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    Thanks, I hate to say it, but I'm kinda happy that I'm a little late to the motorized biking scene. This way, I can learn from everyone else's mistakes/ trial and error and successes without going through entirely so much myself. I have a lot to read up on. I'll do my best to read and search for any answers I have, that have already been answered in posts. As a newb, when I do ask a question, I'd appreciate everyone being brutaly honest with me.. Thanks-
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    Sounds like you'll do fine. Have fun.