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    I'm new to motored bicycles. I have two regular bikes human powered. A simple seven beach bike and a trek commuter. Looking to motorize a single speed beach bike. May use one of the inside frame kits or a rear friction drive. any suggestions on durability and longevity of various types. Also, what about a chain driven FRONT mounted motor for simplicty?

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    Welcome aboard.

    The two stroke, frame mounted type engines are definitely the least expensive. It seems that most rack mounts are of higher quality. But I'm happy with my happy time engines.
    So it would be hard to give an actual recommendation.

    Do you remember the old Solex mopeds? Front wheel drive. The one thing I remember is that front wheel drive on a bicycle feels very strange. And I'd worry about slippery conditions.

    I will make one suggestion (but take it with a grain of salt); get a 2 stroke, frame mount.
    They are so cheap and easy that you can be riding within about a week of making the decision. And that's the most important part. You'll have fun.
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    decided on two stroke in-frame which to choose?

    I found a steel frame Mongoose Switchback 26inch wheeled mountain bike from a pawn shop this morning. It has good rear spokes and I think adequate room for the engine. NOw the question is which to choose? I hear about gt5, grubee etc. 49cc, 80cc etc. I weigh 250 lbs and 5'10" tall. I also heard about an alternative way of attaching the rear sprocket, one that attaches to the hub and not rubber clamped to the spokes. Any recommendations on this? How would this be attached? I saw this on the wholesaler grubee site. There are different companines eg. spooky tooth, kings yes but how many different manufacturers of engines? thanks
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    Well, you're starting to get into questions that I'm not all that knowledgable about.

    As for manufacturers, I've been getting the impression that they are uncounted and mostly unknown to us. The importers, maybe, just order from whoever can ship right now.
    Though maybe that's not true of, say, Grubee. Maybe he sticks with one or two sources.

    As for the rubber mounted sprockets, they do have one advantage. If you ruin a wheel, it's easy to switch. 26 in mountain bike wheels are a dime a dozen. I have two MBs and I'm on the second wheel on each of them. If you went to the trouble and expense of a better set-up and then bent the wheel, that might be more heartbreaking.

    At 250 lbs you're not exactly huge, but you're a little heavy. I'd say that your choice would be either spend some big money on a bike that's tougher than average or get an average bike and ride it gently. If it were me, I'd go cheap and gentle.