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    im a student from Hamburg, nearly done.
    i brought the eagleboard 800 last summer. It is a motorized longbord, remote accelerate and break, steer like normal boards.
    Its not allowed in germany to drive it, i can loose my driverslicence if they catch me on it, even on the sitewalks.
    From time to time i drive it, but it is to fast for the sitewalks and to slow for the jammed streets, to be exact, i dont what to contest a crash with a car or worst a bus or truck.
    So i would like to build a trike in the "kurvenleger" style around that 800Watt electric motor and that 36V-30kg "Blei-Gel-Akku". The chain from the motor to the wheel on the board is slightly bigger than the one my bike, so a gearshift would fit.
    I ll put the engine on the rear wheelswingarm and sit on the battery, all on bikeparts, a light rollcage to survive a BMW X5 collision, jetcokpitrearmirrors and lights would be nice, but all simple and stupid like the old pedalkarts in my childhood in the old days!
    A friend can put together the steel?! aluminium?! tubes.
    I need to get my drawings together and first my examination done, and i ll ask some questions about motorized bikes...

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    Welcome aboard.

    You'll have fun.