Hello from Homosassa, Fl.

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    I normally ride my Yamaha Raider but came across one the Chinese 2 strokes a while back on ebay and took the plunge. Assembled it and maybe rode it a total of 45 minutes in a week's time because it always had a problem with running properly. The vendor I bought it from said I could return it for evaluation and that's been almost two weeks now. Anyway, whenever I get it back I think I'll either sell it or junk it and go with some other type of engine/kit. I'm wanting reliability and simplicity so it looks like I may be going with a friction drive setup. By the way, for what little time I had it running, it was actually more fun than riding the 1900cc raider!

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    Welcome to the forum. A motorized bike does have a very different feel from a motorcycle.
    You can build them up as a useful commuter or cool looking toy.