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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by crgintx, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. crgintx

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    Hello I'm Carlos. I live near Austin,Texas. I'm a retired USAF NCO. I lived in both Korea and Italy. Scooters are major forms of transport in those countries. I live old school motor tech. We had a Jawa 05 that probably ever male in our family rode at one time or another growing up for 20 years. I think it's still hanging around some where. I'm hoping to build both a gas motored and electric motored bikes in the near future.

  2. srdavo

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    Welcome to MBc.
  3. azbill

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    welcome to MBs Carlos ! :D
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    Welcome aboard sir. :smile:
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    welcome to MBs Carlos !..........Dont call him Sir he's a none com :grin:
  6. crgintx

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    Yes, I had to work for a living. I was stationed out your way at Luke AFB til I retired in Dec of '03. There's no better place in the US to ride than the deserts of the Southwest all though the Texas Hill Country arguably gives it a run for the money. We just don't have as far to ride to the next ice house! :cool:
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    I was in Korea, and in Italy. In Italy having a scooter is like haveing a Harly- Davidson. I was in the Marines.
  8. crgintx

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    As gas prices get crazy here like they are in places like Korea and Europe, I'm sure that motored bikes will become far more common. Most Americans really don't have clue how lucky we are in the US. Most Koreans are financially limited to motorcycles under 130cc. The tax on anything bigger is insane. I was also stationed in the UK from 94-96. Gas off base at the time was about $3.20/gal when on base it was $1.20. I had to pay a luxury level insurance premium for my 2.3L Ford Ranger based on the engine size!

    Currently, I've got a job that's 4 miles from home but I've got roughly two 6% grades with a 300 ft elevation change within the last mile each way from work. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go electric first seeing how the RV park that I live in doesn't charge for electricity. Even my gas hog full size Ford F150 has to downshift on those grades with 351 EFI motor in it.
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    welcome to the madness! :p :evil:
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    Welcome to MBc! 8) 8)
    Happy :mrgreen:
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    :smile: hi cryin welcome to the group...good luck and happy motoring, you might need a 4 stroke for the elevation changes...my 2 stroke suffers from cool to hot weather...i am at sea level tho...has anyone thought of solar powered and wind power? it would be cool if the sun or wind could power the cells on the electric bike! well good luck and keep us posted... :cool:
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    :D Yes, Welcome! :grin:
    Hope you enjoy da group :eek:
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