Hello, from Huntington Beach, CA

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by JFleck, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. JFleck

    JFleck Guest

    I am curently working on putting a 48v electric hub on my beach cruizer.
    I am also doing a major project to turn the bike into an
    Indian Beach Cruizer
    I have seen alot of good info here and I hope to have some good info to share. . .

    Here's my bike

    I have the paint done and I am starting to put the bike back together and putting the Electric Hub on. The kit is pretty basic and can be put on just about any bike in an hour or so. I am doing several mods to make it more customized. . . .

    Take Care All,


  2. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Aug 4, 2006
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    Looks like its going to be sweet!!!

    Welcome to the forum!
  3. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    another E-Biker...i love it :)

    welcome to Mbc, JFleck...that's gonna be a great ride, i'm looking forward to watching the build progress 8)
  4. etheric

    etheric Guest

    I'm glad you're here to help the electrics grow here to. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
  5. Blaze

    Blaze Guest

    I've seen the work he's done on it so far, and it's absolutely beautiful! It barely resembles the original bike.
  6. Wheels

    Wheels Guest

    welcome, rolling deep

  7. scottco

    scottco Guest

    Cool bike.

    I electrified my old sew up tire racing road bike. Heavy but goes fast. Absolutely silent.

    I have a friend who showed me how to make it dual speed by switching the 2 battery packs(24v) to either series or parallel. The parallel is the slower speed and is handy as a brake going down steep hills and then it preserves the charge going up steep hills.

    Regards, Scottco
  8. JFleck

    JFleck Guest


    Do you have any kinda specs on that battery mod or was it just a simple wire change?

    Just curious . . .

  9. scottco

    scottco Guest

    The secret ingredient is a switch. I can't remember the name of it - double pull double throw? It is off in the middle and when forward it is series for hyper space speed and when towards the back it is in parallel mode for city starts and stops and braking on hills.

    You could email me directly from the link on this post and give me your address etc and I could mail you a crude drawing I made at the electric bike shop off the example unit. It would tell you exactly what switch etc.

    Basically, the secret is 2 battery packs each having 24 volts. I threw money at it and bought NiMH battery packs and just extended the output wires of each battery pack to the switch mounted on the handlebars. I hard wired the batteries on the bike so there was no taking them off. Big thick wires to handle all that amperage.

    The electric bike store guy rigged up a similar deal for a guy with SLA batteries kept in a cooler strapped on a BOB trailer with the electric hub on the BOB trailer. It was too far to run the wires up to the handle bars and back to the trailer so the switch was on the lid of the cooler full of batteries. That guy with the trailer was giddy at how well even that crude arrangement worked.

    The guy who came up with the idea has since been killed in a collision with a car. His idea lives on and I would be happy to send you the crude schematic drawing. I am going to take the electric bike and the motored bike to a pal's house to get a digital photo op and post both bicycles asap. Not much to look at but that electric bike has some great performance features.

    Regards, Scottco
  10. JFleck

    JFleck Guest

    Thanks Scottco!!

    can't wait to see the picks. . . I will have my batteries mounted in ammo cans on the back like saddlebags. . . I am making mine into an Indian Beach Cruizer, I have posted some picks in the photo gallery if you havn't seen it yet. I think I could mount that switch under the seat neaxt to the ignition key. . . We'll see. . .