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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by joeselect, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. joeselect

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    The 4 Stroke Kit Came With A Warped Drive Sprocket What Would Be The Best Thing I Should Do To Fix This Thanks

  2. tom-fishing

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    Warped sprocket

    Slow down a bit and tell us what sprocket? What kit? And who did you buy it from? And last but not least, have you contacted the seller? The rest of us use these bits of information to keep track of who we want to deal with.
  3. joeselect

    joeselect New Member

    4 stroke

    Hi It is The 10 tooth drive sprocket and the kit was bought from speedemondotcom on ebay had lost of missing parts i discussed with seller and got no where thanks
  4. Max-M

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    "P" is for punctuation.
  5. tom-fishing

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    Well to me it looks like you have three choices; Ask ebay to get involved and try to get your money back. 2. Go to the 4 stroke forum and ask if anyone knows where to find the parts you need to get it up and going. 3. Get PO'd throw it under the workbench and admit you got :poop: on, and keep pedaling!
    If there's a next time, do more research about the seller, you can start by going to the vendor list to find which ones are good to deal with.