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    I'm Jim Hawkins from Indian Wells Ca. This is my first built....a '57 Schwinn Corvette. I restored my 1957 Corvette that I bought as a kid (age 12), using as many NOS parts I could find over the years ( included one photo). So I had a couple "donor" '57s frames and I made them into cruisers. It is powder coated two-tone green. Then I added a RAW 80cc to the green one, springer front end and some Schwinn Classic Restoration Fenders.
    I had some problems and this site was VERY helpful. Right now I am having to replace the hardware with some from Sick Parts...a broken mount stud.
    I'd like to find a better tank, actually larger, about like a Whizzer.
    Thanks for all your help!
    Jim ("Hawk")

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  2. SimpleSimon

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    Beautiful work, Hawk. I hear you on wanting a larger tank - thought about an in-frame fitted tank? To my eyes, that bike is crying out for one.

    Please, stick around. Post more pics - you obviously are a craftsman of high standards.
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    yes Hi Hawk Welcome to MBc!
    Glad your here. Your bikes are cherry. Thanks for sharing.
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    Very nice !
    Looks good all the way around.
    Welcome to the site
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    You are right! Wouldn't it be nice to have gas container or bladder that would fit in the old Schwinn Horn-in Tank. I have read threads here but no solid ideas. Also, there are some nice small Yamaha tanks...if they can be mounted. Thank you for the kind words.
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    Getting a little warm out there 'bout now, no?
    Used to live in Palm Desert up on 74 palms to pines hwy....easy to get to Oceanside, LOL
  7. Hawk

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    Yes it is!!! Over 100 already. Soon riding my bike will be impossible! Keeping it running is a job anyway...so I am trying to get some ride time before full-on summer comes. I live near Cook St and Fairway....one mile from Hwy 74. So I ride around Indian Wells and South Palm Desert. When I moved here in 1976....we bought a condo in Indian Hills...the last development up Hwy 74 on the left. Where are you now?
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    In the far hinterlands of the Pioneer Valley, Western Mass.
    It's 70 degrees here today but don't ask me in January, lol