Hello from Jackson, TN!!

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    hello all!!

    I am Alex and I am in the planning/decision making process of my first build. here's my story thus far:

    I am an international student at Union University. I moved off-campus this Fall, to save money. however, the only affordable place I could find was pretty far from campus. My roommates have been great in helping get to campus and back, but that arrangement is just not cutting it any more. Since car insurance for a 20-something man who is not a Citizen of the United States is, lets just say unreasonable, I have decided to convert my bicycle to suit my needs. I am leaning towards a 4-stroke 49cc(max permitted under TN law) huasheng motor on my beach cruiser(off brand deal at essex).

    anything I need to look out for considering my current plans/situation?

    P.S. just so you know I am a PC user through and though. I do not fancy macs. I go by macman cause my full name just happens to read 'm.a.c.' haha.

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    Hi Alex, welcome to Motoredbikes.
    Sounds OK, just make sure you have good working brakes on both ends.