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    Hello. I've been building these bikes for quite awhile...maybe 7 years or so. I don't do much online activity because, despite the fact that I made a very decent, almost obscene, living developing software for all platforms (desktop and portable devices...still waiting for iOS and Android to match the capabilities of Windows CE 3.0 from a developers perspective), I really abhor technology. I think it makes us lazy and we spend too much time interfacing with a screen rather than other people. So, that's me.

    I originally wanted to join because I wanted to cast a vote on the BikeBerry review which I found as a search result. Thought I' add my experience, which was extremely negative, but apparently I cannot post or vote in that form yet.

    Anyway, as I said, I've been doing this for a while and enjoy it very much. It gives me something physical to do rather than sitting in front of a computer all day. I also like designing and building improvements to the engines and even the bikes themselves. I retired a bit too early and got fat...really fat, which is even worse since I'm short (I looked like an umpa lumpa from Charley and the Chocolate Factory). I find building these bikes I dropped more than 200 pounds in less than a year and I actually eat MORE. I try to build at least 3 a week, but sometimes have a bit more demand. But I try not to do more than 8 so that I can spend time with family. I really enjoy these things and, although I am a devout Harley man (I have a 2002 Softail Deuce and a 2013 Dyna Lowrider), I find these little things are quite fun to ride and build, and because I throw in so many extras (lighting, speedometers, vinyl lined tires, custom welded racks with hickory decks, etc..), word of mouth usually has me selling them before I can finish them.

    I am a bit disconcerted about all the mixed information there is for support or just basic settings. For example, one aforementioned site has a detailed PDF for testing the CDI and the Magneto, and in the SAME spec sheet they have TWO different Ohm readings. The same company also recommends 0.020-0.023 AND 0.038 for spark-plug gaps. Well, WHICH IS IT!!! And don't get me started on the torque settings for bolts!

    Luckily, although I was in software for many years, my degrees were in engineering and economics, so I can kind of figure things out, though it would be nice to have consistent sources of information (at least one company should be consistent with itself).

    I look forward to being part of this online community and hope to learn as well as contribute.

    Kind Regards:

    John-David Biggers

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    Welcome aboard John. With your back ground you will likely have much to offer to the group. Glad to hear you found your way back to good health through cycling. You seldom see serious cyclists over weight due to the age old equation: calories in vs calories burned. Easier for some than others. That being said, in life....happiness should be your goal.